Fed & Phelps is special; what's city doing?

I enjoyed Todd Franko's commentary yesterday about the new businesses at the corner of Federal and Phelps. I agree that this intersection has recently become a "special corner" in Youngstown. But more can and should be done toward revitalization of our downtown.

I also agree with Lisa Reali, my barber, who spoke with Mr. Franko for this story. Lisa told him: "My [business plan] was contingent on growth of downtown. Daytime business growth has not been as strong as nighttime growth."

As Mr. Franko wrote, Lisa has not "failed" in her business, which she started almost four years ago. Rather, she has been forced by business conditions to "downsize" what has been a unique salon in the downtown area. This causes me to think about what--if anything--might be done to assist local hard-working entrepreneurs like Lisa Reali to fully realize their creative business potential.

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