Canfield hall upgrade bill more than expected

By Ashley Luthern

Improvements at the township hall cost more than anticipated, but that’s because more problems were discovered after the work began, officials say.

Township administrator Keith Rogers said the project started by changing downspout lines.

“We just ran into all kinds of problems,” he said.

The board looked at making repairs after finding water in the basement, which had been waterproofed, Trustee Marie Cartwright said.

“We found out that we had a water leak from the waterlines that come from the roadway into the building, and issues with the gas that ended up meaning the gas line had to be replaced,” she said.

As digging commenced to repair water and gas lines, the sidewalks then needed fixing, too, Cartwright said.

The board initially had approved a $12,000 contract to Elliott’s Landscaping for the work, but the total cost has bumped up to about $20,000, she said. Township workers assisted with the project.

Rogers said the repairs began in October, and completed work includes replacing steps into the building, adding new steps to a second door to be used as an emergency exit, creating a cobblestone sidewalk and adding extra lighting. Electrical work will cap the project and should be finished by the second week of December, Rogers said.

Cartwright said additional lighting will allow the American flag in front of the building to be flown 24 hours a day, instead of only during daylight hours.

The new lights are energy-efficient and will match the style of the hall and nearby village green.

“This is just general maintenance and needed improvements that anyone would do as a matter of general business,” Cartwright said.

A prior board of trustees serving in 2008 had wanted to build a $1.2 million new township hall on Herbert Road, but the current board has no interest in that, Cartwright said.

“We’ve seen no need to expend that sort of money,” she said.

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