Exporting gas for wrong reasons

Exporting gas for wrong reasons

Everyone has an opinion about fracking, and it’s usually completely to the right or to the left. I take more of a “common sense,” middle-of-the-road view point. Fracking is currently creating a hiring boom in southern Ohio, including Mahoning and Columbiana counties, unseen since the days of Youngstown Sheet and Tube. Oh yes, and bringing a much needed relief to those with property who may just be lucky enough to cash in without the help of a casino.

However, many left wingers want to shut it down. What the left wingers do not realize is that many lower income families as well as small business owners are suffering under these oppressive gasoline prices. We need all the help we can get at the pump, even if little oil is found with fracking.

Those in power, mostly Democrats, boast proudly that, “for the first time, our refineries are actually exporting gasoline.” Yes, but the demand is down so much here in the States, that we have to export it to other countries that have a higher demand. Yet we still have record high gas prices.

Why have none of the Democrats lived up to their pre-2008 election promise to introduce legislation to put a moratorium on “energy speculation” until investigations can be completed into price manipulation in the energy markets?

Chris Douglas, Salem