Witness in aggravated murder trial led from court in cuffs

Witness in aggravated murder trial led from court in cuffs


The Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office took Melissa Putnam, the key witness in the David Martin murder case, to the Trumbull County jail Tuesday morning in handcuffs after an eruption Tuesday morning in court between her and Martin.

Officials said she was released an hour or so later without charging her.

Witnesses said Putnam and Martin got into a shouting match after Martin came into the courtroom of Judge Andrew Logan of Trumbull County Common Pleas Court for a pretrial hearing in his capital murder case.

The hearing had not yet begun, and Judge Logan was not on the bench.

Wanda Cole, mother of Jeremy Cole, the 21-year-old Warren man killed Sept. 27 at Putnam’s home on Oak Street Southwest, said Martin said something to Putnam to the effect of: “You are the one who tied him up.”

Putnam, who also suffered a gunshot wound to the upper neck, said: “No, you made me tie him up.”

Martin is charged with aggravated murder, attempted aggravated murder with a specification that he is a repeat violent offender, aggravated robbery, kidnapping, being a felon in possession of a firearm, receiving stolen property and tampering with evidence.

If convicted, he could get the death penalty.

Putnam has said Martin came to her house for robbery and forced her to tie up Cole, then tied her up before fatally shooting Cole in the head.

Martin shot Putnam also, but Putnam put her hand at the back of her head, causing the shot to pass through her hand before piercing the skin but not entering her skull.

When Judge Logan took the bench, he reminded those in the courtroom that “anyone who gets out of line will be taken from the courtroom and will not be allowed back in the courtroom.”

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