Letters to the editor

Obamacare is gonna kill me

I am trying to compose my upcoming obituary notice. The current reasons for death are murder, suicide or natural causes but there is no box to check for the cause of my death. My cause of death will be “Due to Obamacare”! Really that should be titled “Lack of Obamacare” because the direct cause will be care I now receive will be denied as Obamacare continues to take over for my wonderful doctors.

This is just one of the changes to the way of life I have known is being changed by the majority of voters including some friends and family who supported the newly developed caste system being formed in our beloved USA. Soon we will have two distinct factions of citizens. This will consist of on one side politicians, government employees, and the unions owned by the Democratic Party and on the other side the rest of us.

Although anyone who really looked into the current administration’s policies should have seen the pitfalls. It is not too surprising that folks chose to support these policies. The national press including our own paper should have a donkey with a megaphone included in their logo. The truth was very well hidden in news reports.

Having reached the three-fourths of a century mark, which is the age Obamacare decides whether there is any reason to waste money on my health care, I am not likely to suffer under this caste system. But I feel for those younger folks who will have to live under a power-grabbing tyrant who now feels he has a mandate to control every aspect of life.

Robert Husted, New Springfield

The war on West Side thrift shops

I am writing to ask who is responsible for closing all the thrift stores on the West Side? Is someone being paid off to do this? Do these people think that everyone is so rich that these places are not needed?

Well we are not rich and we do need them. If this is just another play to get money for the city, it’s a pretty low blow. Tighten your own purse strings and live like the rest of us. Or better yet, close all the tons of bars and car lots that line the entire stretch of Mahoning Ave.

But you can’t do that because they are truly needed.

Dana Olsen, Youngstown

Worry about the people at home

All we see, hear and read

about is how Social Security is in trouble. Well, for their information they have been stealing from the fund to put the money into the general fund to cover their butts. But one thing you never hear them mention is how many millions of those on Social Security, who are working to make ends meet, still pay into the fund without those millions of dollars affecting their monthly paycheck in any way.

I’ve said this before, but will say it again to no avail. Get out of the world policing business and the deficit will drop. Think about this. We give billions of dollars to Egypt. One of the world’s biggest oil producers and has it done any good? No, no, no. Just check your local gas station. Now Obama wants to give millions of dollars, we don’t have, to what was known as Burma. We give billions of dollars in aid to countries all over the world while we can’t even aid ourselves without raising taxes on those who are already over taxed to support the aid of the world.

One thing we know for sure, we have the dumbest people on the planet running our government with no end in sight. Can’t wait until the next election to see what morons we elect. I guess we deserve it. What a sad obituary to the end of our democracy.

Rea Buttermore, Boardman

The man of a thousand pledges

Your Nov. 18 article put a face on the name of Grover Norquist. He is the man to whom our Gov. John Kasich has pledged allegiance, instead of pledging allegiance to the state of Ohio.

Also, he is the man to whom 219 United States representatives, 39 United States senators, and an unknown number of governors of states other than Ohio have pledged allegiance rather than to the United States of America.

All of these people have refused to increase taxes and as a consequence, the United States is zillions of dollars in debt. He is, indeed, a very important man.

Elizabeth J. Moore, Lowellville