Reason to dread a brother’s visit

Reason to dread a brother’s visit

Recently a letter from a former Youngstown resident complained how bad our roads are. I agree with her 100 percent.

The Vindicator and WFMJ won a major victory in making the Oakhill records public, now they need to investigate why our roads are so bad. They need to publish how much tax money we take in — local, state and federal — just for roads.

It seems that we pay a lot of taxes for roads on our real estate tax, taxes at the BMV, taxes at the pumps, plus other places we don’t know about. How can we resurface roads like our freeways and two years later they need done again? It seems like the only thing getting paved around here are someone’s pockets.

My brother is be coming back home at the end of the month from Las Vegas and I will have to hear him complain again about these washboard roads.

Andy Pappagallo Sr., Mineral Ridge