Campbell is smart to cash in

Campbell is smart to cash in

While the city of Camp bell’s financial outlook has been mostly negative for the last several years, we finally have something on the positive side to cheer about. Thanks to the courageous decisions and votes of Council President George Levendis, and Councilmen Bryan Tedesco and Bob Yankle, Campbell is finally headed in the right direction.

An $850,000 down payment and yearly royalty payments were offered by Hilcorp for Campbell’s oil, gas and mineral rights. With a limited window of opportunity, these guys decided to act. Despite the naysayers and finger pointers, they took the political risk and did what they thought was right for Campbell. They weighed the risks against the obvious benefits and judged the risks to be manageable.

These guys are not geologists or oilmen, but they are the men we elected to make the hard decisions for us.

There is an old saying, that “if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.”

Anyone sniping at this decision and looking for the downside are part of the problem. Levendis, Tedesco and Yankle are part of the solution, and I applaud them. So should others.

Justin Prichard, Campbell