Looking for liars, don’t look at GOP

Looking for liars, don’t look at GOP

An Aug. 5 letter writer de- scribed why he left the Republican Party, citing Congressman Kelly’s comments about Obama’s infringement on our religious liberty. He refers to it as a “contraception mandate.” It didn’t make the news down here in Florida. We did read about a Democrat “flunky” wanting everyone to pay for her prophylactics. Being a Catholic university student, maybe she should learn the rhythm system or withdrawal.

No, this was not an example of “right wing insanity.” There is nothing that this president does that is agreeable: White House security leaks, rejection of pipeline-building job creation, obfuscation about “fast and furious” and ad nauseam. And to think, I was J.F.K. Democrat.

The letter claimed that Republicans are into fear mongering and hatred. Whose ads show an old lady being pushed off a cliff? Whose political leader accuses Romney of not paying his taxes for 10 years? Whatever happened to his administration’s tax caps? And the other day, Vice President Biden told blacks that Romney will have them in chains again.

The only truth about this administration is that they lie, obfuscate and deceive.

Edward Sowinski Jr., Esq., Fort Myers, Fla.