NASA provides nada

NASA provides nada

NASA. It stands for: “Not An- other Single Answer.” We have spent millions upon millions of tax dollars to send a “rover” to a planet that has nothing to offer mankind, and that they will some day find out.

Look at all the very highly paid NASA people cheering. That mission will certainly ensure their jobs and give them all a raise in pay. That is what they are cheering about.

The deficit would certainly tumble when the atheists quit blowing all the tax dollars on the dreams they see on the science fiction shows that make them believe there is life on some other planet. Or, at least they believe we can live there.

We have already ruined this planet, so let’s leave Mars and all the others in the solar system alone before we ruin them also. If we haven’t learned how to live in peace here, we have no hope anywhere else.

Oh, and one other important point, God gave us this planet to live on, and we have failed Him and ourselves. He did not give us any other planet for that purpose. Psalms 19:1 tells us why the heavens (planets and everything else) are there.

Time, energy, resources and money spent on a fool’s folly. What a waste.

Rea Buttermore, Boardman