A difference of opinion

A difference of opinion

I must take issue with a letter writer from my community who claimed in the Aug. 3 edition that our congressman has failed to represent us.

I will ask about an immediate problem facing all of us. The price of gas and beef. The two are more entwined than most realize. Both are affected by corn (the main industry in my community). The E.P.A. has mandated that 10 percent of our fuel must be corn. This boosted the price of corn causing a windfall for the local farmers, but now we have a bad weather summer for corn. There is a shortage so the price goes up raising the price of gas and also beef and chicken which use a good deal of corn. Although the current administration didn’t start this policy it has done nothing to correct it either.

In fact, the present resident of the White House has done very little to make life better beyond more government giveaways at taxpayers expense. This may buy many votes but does little to improve the situation of taxpaying working people.

As to Republican House members not doing anything, I point to 30 bills passed and sent to the Senate. The Democratic leader, Harry Reid, has refused to allow a vote on them but has time to lie about taxes, then says “I have no proof but Romney must prove I’m lying.” This is directly opposed to the American “innocent until proven guilty.” Very little said by liberals about this abuse of power.

The do-nothing label is factually correct for many government entities, but reform should be from the top down. That has not happened or even been attempted. The biggest label of all should be on the White House door.

Robert J. Husted, New Springfield