Feeding the hungry is no crime

Feeding the hungry is no crime

Recently a local veterinar- ian expressed his concern that socialism feeds dependency. He didn’t seem very concerned about the local merchants and fast-food chains that profit directly. When Christ fed the starving masses should he have been concerned they would become dependent?

If socialism feeds dependency, then what does this current system of corporate welfare feed? It’s easy to use the needy as scapegoats, although what they receive is a pittance compared to the corporate hand-outs given by this government. The only proposed solutions seem to be tax cuts for the wealthy. My guess is those who complain the loudest about high taxes choose to forget the available opportunities for education and employment for their generation. Half a century ago the U.S. institutes for education and infrastructure were among the finest in the world. The wealthy and the corporations then paid 3 times the taxes they pay today.

What makes this current generation of wealthy so much more privileged than those of the past to support this nation that they so directly benefited from? Why is the present generation less deserving of the education and opportunities the previous generations were entitled to?

For those who believe that high taxes led to the revolt against the British, I would suggest that had King George used those taxes to feed the hungry, there would have been no revolution. If the poor get fed and the merchants make a profit doing so, why should we begrudge the hungry?

John Isabella III, Struthers