Telephone town halls work

Telephone town halls work

I think David Skolnick missed the point with his article on Bill Johnson’s outreach to Ohioans.

As a dairy farmer, I am usually too busy to attend in-person forums or visit his office. I rely on the telephone town halls hosted by Bill Johnson for updates on what is going on in D.C.

These calls are a convenient reassurance that Bill is doing the things he said he would do when I voted for him. I am proud to finally have a congressman who puts forth the effort to reach out to constituents like me.

Jim Beardsley, Damascus

What has Congress been doing?

I would like to write a scath- ing letter about all the things that my congressman, Bill Johnson, has done wrong over the year and half since his election to Congress, but I cannot think of a thing. Then again I can’t think of anything that he has done right. I can’t think of anything he did at all. Of course he was not alone in not accomplishing anything. He was accompanied by the group of the unfit that we sent to govern in 2010. (How’s that working out?)

He and his follow freshmen to Congress voted on repeal of the Affordable Care Act 33 times, knowing that it would not and could not pass in the Senate and would be vetoed by the president. But they forged ahead and wasted time voting over and over again. He refused to vote to pay the debts of the United States of America and nearly put our country into default for the first time in our history. Good thing he gets paid a salary and not by the job.

Speaking about jobs. He and his cohorts were elected on the promise of creating jobs. Yet they blocked any attempt at getting a jobs bill, because it might have made Obama look good for the election. Where are the jobs?

Two years ago this November the American public made a huge mistake in electing people who were unable to govern. They did this out of blind frustration at the slow workings of our government. Better that the government works slowly than not at all, which is what we have seen for 18 months. You cannot govern by just saying no and pouting like a child.

Paul D. Shanabarger, New Springfield