Socialists feed dependency

Socialists feed dependency

A July 19 column by Jill “J.R.” Labbe was headlined, “Food stamp debate brings out haters of the American poor.”

As a veterinarian, I can first assure you that we are all animals, and whether you ascribe to Maslow’s hierarchy or not, food is a basic physiological need for life. If given food, animals (including homo sapiens) do “grow dependent on handouts and will not learn how to take care of themselves.” You see, most humans have never learned how to take care of themselves in the first place, i.e. grow food, hunt, and preserve for future use. So, dependency upon a giver is rather easy and, depending upon your own comfort level in life, it may satisfy your requirements adequately.

I’m glad the column referred to the Bible (Mark 14:7). If the government wasn’t forcibly taking half of the fruit of my labors, I would undoubtedly be freely giving a 10 percent tithe to my church. It’s impossible to do both in today’s economy.

A “perfect world” will never exist, but the government would like its citizens to believe that it can someday provide that world, from cradle to grave. Like life was in the Soviet Union.

Before Social Security those who fell on hard times turned to family first, then friends and neighbors, then church. No need for any of that now; just turn to government, and the money that could have been helping is now spread through a bureaucracy with a bloated corps of administrators.

Food stamp (electronic balance transfer (EBT) card/Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) recipients can now use their indiscriminative “credit card” to purchase anything; nails, hairdo, tattoos, piercings, even remitting cash. No wonder the kids are still hungry. So our schools now provide up to three meals a day to those whose mothers already spent the food budget. And food banks open their doors to the same mothers. And, yes, churches also cook up meals for the “poor.”

And when it’s time to vote, those dependent citizens will surely vote to keep the socialists in power, ensuring more, more, more. Then, as in “Atlas Shrugged,” the people who produce finally get tired of working six months of the year to take care of public sector employees and the untold millions who live for 12:01 a.m. on the first day of the month when their EBT cards get filled again. (To witness this phenomenon, unless you have to go to work the next day, go to WalMart at midnight on the last day of the month.)

The Treasury is bankrupt. There is nowhere for our government to turn but to take more in taxes. This is what triggered our colonies to revolt against King George III. The excessive burden of increased taxation can trigger revolution yet again.

Donald K. Allen, Youngstown