oddly enough

oddly enough

Boring meets Dull in international partnership


Boring: Meet Dull.

That’s what happened when two small towns, one in the U.S. state of Oregon and the other in Scotland, decided to get together and become sister communities.

The Oregonian reports that the idea came from a Scottish tourist, Elizabeth Leighton, who traveled this year through the Oregon town in Clackamas County that was named after homesteader William H. Boring.

The unofficial partnership means that the towns can use their collectively descriptive names to promote tourism.

Officials in the Oregon town plan to sell T-shirts that say “Boring and Dull.”

Boring has a population of 8,000.

Dull has a population of 84 and possibly gets its name from a Gaelic word meaning meadow or snare.

Geese on highway cause rush-hour jam in Cincinnati


A pair of geese and several goslings are blamed for twice bringing rush-hour traffic to a standstill on a suburban Cincinnati interstate.

WCPO-TV says someone called 911 Wednesday evening to report geese walking down Interstate 71 in Sycamore Township, forcing drivers to hit the brakes and veer out of the way.

Molly Reynolds of Fort Wright, Ky., says she had just pulled onto the highway when the geese appeared.

She says vehicles were creeping slowly around the geese in case they changed direction.

Eventually, police blocked traffic to guide the geese across the roadway to a grassy area. Traffic stopped again less than a half-hour later when the geese returned to the edge of the highway, and officers ushered them away.

No geese and no travelers were hurt.

Puppy on runway delays flights at NYC airport


A puppy named Byrdie delayed several flights at New York’s LaGuardia Airport when she escaped from her crate and frolicked around a busy runway.

The Port Authority says the 30-pound Rhodesian ridgeback scampered around the runway for about 10 minutes Wednesday while authorities unsuccessfully tried to collar her.

The agency says they had to find the pooch’s owner aboard the Memphis-bound Delta Air Lines Airbus to help catch it.

The owner was brought out onto the runway.

She called out to the 14-month-old pup, and she came running to her.

Associated Press

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