Marriage licenses

Benjamin R. Swallow, 31, of 8560 Reserve Court, Poland, and Renee E. Kirby, 28, of same.

Shaun M. Rochow, 26, of 67 Woodbine Ave., Youngstown, and Amber L. Foster, 27, of same.

Nicholas Edward Stanko, 29, of Dallas, Texas, and Elise Marie Kraiosky, 31, of same.


State v. Eddie L. Winphrie, sentenced on probation violation.

State v. James Austin, sentenced on probation violation.

State v. Lenny Vaughn, pleads guilty.

State v. David K. Barker, sentenced.

State v. Eddie Winphrie, pleads guilty.

Ohio Receivables LLC v. J. Hanoudenhave, order of magistrate.

Compass Bank v. Eurocar Inc. et al, order of magistrate.

Michael G. Malvasi et al v. Mark J. Rouse et al, settled.

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank NA v. Dustin S. Rubosky et al, foreclosure.

Sandusky Mall Co. v. Cleveland Unlimited Inc., settled.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. v. James W. Behnke Jr. et al, quiet title and decree.

Reed Oil Co. v. Rose M. Ambrosia, order of magistrate.

Thomas P. Highland v. Scott T. Ford, decision of magistrate.

Wells Fargo Bank Na v. Chris J. Green et al, judgment entry and decree.

Federal Home Loan Management Corp. v. Diane McHugh et al, order of magistrate.

Andre M. Ballinger II v. Amelia S. Zaluski et al, order of magistrate.

Bank of America v. Melissa A. Lucas et al, judgment entry and decree.

American Tax Funding LLC v. Albert C. Beil et al, dismissed.

Murral Inc. v. Shevetz Enterprises LLC

et al, order of magistrate.

YFJ Limited Liability Co. v. Jack Hoffman et al, foreclosure and forfeiture.

Anna Williams et al v. Grange Mutual Casualty Co. et al, order of magistrate.

Bank of New York Mellon v. Deborah R. Owrey et al, order of magistrate.

Citimortgage Inc. v. Amber A. Thomas et al, foreclosure.

Modern Builders Supply Inc. v. Universal Windows Direct Inc. et al, judgment for plaintiff.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Steven T. Mathews et al, foreclosure.

Chris Hamilton v. Ray Thomas, order of magistrate.

Lisa Marchionda v. Paulett Orr, order of magistrate.

Christopher S. Detoro v. Jeffrey A. Wholf, order of magistrate.

Lizette Salas v. Raven Moore, order of magistrate.

Lizette Salas v. Yvonne Pizarro, order of magistrate.

Lytanya Wylie v. Senquia Mann, order of magistrate.

Delores Moody v. Jacqueline Sims, order of magistrate.

Real estate

John T. Zaksek et al to Brian R. Crouse et al, Christopher, Poland, $236,000.

Anne Zaitzew to Janet D. Veness, Redtail Hawk Court, Boardman, $72,700.

Sharon L. Morris to Robert C. Day et al, Heiser Road, Berlin Center, $45,000.

Peter Nero et al to Darren M. Hayes et al, Morningside Place, Poland, $190,000.

Tracy A. Roman to Bin Hu et al, S. Briarcliff Drive, Canfield, $180,000.

April L. Easley to Karda Holdings LP, Susan Circle, Youngstown, $6,000.

April L. Easley to Karda Holdings LP, Youngstown, $1,000.

Michelina M. McClintic et al to John R. Musilli, Cambridge Ave., Youngstown, $12,500.

Melanie Mihook et al to Frank A. Kovach III, S. Meridian Road, Youngstown, $39,300.

Dieter Home Construction Inc. to Heather L. Whyel, Mallard Court, Austintown, $159,500.

Beal Bank to Richard A. Cantanzriti, Misty Woods Court, Struthers, $150,000.

Joseph Ronuto et al to Equity Trust et al, Poland Struthers Road, Poland, $52,900.

Tamara Van Schwarz et al to Melanie Berry, Laurie Drive, Austintown, $79,900.

Route 46 Land Partners Ltd. to Youngstown Real Estate Ventures LLC, Center Pointe Business Park, Austintown, $4,651,652.

Gregory L. Jumper to Candace Ankrom, Alburn Drive, Boardman, $120,000.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Eleanor Polis, Shetland Lane, Poland, $43,900.

Carole J. Moore et al to Anthony Jansen Paumier et al, E. Pine Lake Road, North Lima, $164,000.

Bryce L. Gillam to Eric Zelesnak, Jaronte Drive, Boardman, $141,000.

Michael S. Johngrass et al to Richard C. Borden et al, Woodworth Road, North Lima, $94,000.

George Christmas et al to Jess W. Oxley et al, Glendale Ave., Boardman, $27,000.

David W. Skebo et al to Melsche M. Cox, N Edgehill Drive, Austintown, $35,500.

Jose Yap et al to Bonnie Music, Mercedes Place, Canfield, $225,000.


Bankruptcies Chapter 7

Danielle L. Peters, 551 N. Four Mile Run Road, Austintown.

William Locketti, 57 S. Edgehill Ave., Austintown.

Ronald A. Carcelli Jr., 10360 Midway Drive, New Middletown.

Richard J. Yankel, 324 Melrose Ave., Boardman.

Susan Grandolfo, 17111 Fifth St., Beloit.

Mary A. Reese, 51 Parnell St., Youngstown.

David M. Dunn, P.O. Box 14044, Poland.

Christa E. Rice, 161 Hilltop Blvd., Canfield.

Stephanie R. Tyler, 2071 Wolosyn Circle, Apt. 1, Poland.

Mary L. Arkwright, 22 N. Belle Vista Ave., Youngstown.

Robert A. Ciotola, Canfield.

Mark J. Bokan, 199 Euclid Blvd., Youngstown.

Ryan S. Francis, 1932 Borden St., Youngstown.

Willie N. Payton, 865 Roxbury Ave., Youngstown.

Anthony J. Elmo, 45 Gillian Lane, Youngstown.

Marc E. Hartman, 25 N. Hartford Ave., Youngstown.

Erin E. Young, 356 Creed St., Struthers.

Thomas M. Upchurch, 83 S. Pricetown Road, Diamond.

Judy L. Eiland, 398 W. Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown.

Lee W. Rumple, 60 N. Raccoon Road, Unit 26, Austintown.

Jose A. Rosa, 4275 Canfield Road, Canfield.

John L. Edison, 465 Catalina Ave., Youngstown.

Jon E. Mirto, 104 Park Drive, Struthers.

Lorraine Smith, 517 Miller St., Youngstown.

Heidi K. Peservich, 1423 Turnberry Drive, Boardman.

Howard J. Creps, 1245 Meadow Lane, Youngstown.

Mark N. Kramer, 17830 E. Fifth St., Beloit.

Eugene Zanotelli, 1538 Manhattan Ave., Youngstown.

Kristin M. Viera, 60 Memorial Circle, Campbell.

Denise M. Iannucci, 55 Schenley Ave., Struthers.

LaShea C. Parker, 2736 Idlewood Ave., Youngstown.

John D. Habeger, 123 Prestwick Drive, Boardman.

Daniel Parker, 940 Ottawa Drive, Youngstown.

Louis Jones Jr., 962 Martin Luther King Blvd., Youngstown.

Melinda L. Bonetti, 241 Maplewood, Struthers.

Melissa Alexander, 4864 Shadow Oak Drive, Austintown.

Latese C. Bailey, 326 Clyde St., Youngstown.

Lisa M. Prvonozac, 4525 New Hampshire Circle, Unit 3, Austintown.

Rosalind A. Blakely, 464 S Raccoon Road, Austintown.

Bankruptcies Chapter 13

Felicia A. Moses, 1313 Aberdeen Ave., Youngstown.

Terrill L. Kale, 15921 Shilling Road, Berlin Center.

Gracie A. Evans, 3795 Choice St., Youngstown.

Ruby Thomas, 650 Mallard Court, Austintown.

Terry A. Whitford, 8065 Hitchcock Road, Boardman.

Eric Hartman, 3412 Neilson St., Youngstown.

Robert E. Bovara, 652 Saddlebrook Drive, Boardman.

Kenneth E. Brindle, 4261 Chester Drive, Boardman.

Patricia A. Toto, 9191 North Lima Road, Apt. 54B, Poland.

Ronald G. Hartman, 205 Willow Bend Drive, Canfield.

Michael A. Machi Sr., 131 Upland Ave., Youngstown.

Kevin M. Johnson, 224 W. Wood St., Lowellville.

George M. Jones, 4683 Woodridge Drive, Austintown.

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