Planned Parenthood misconceptions

Planned Parenthood misconceptions

As a current student at Kent State and a strong supporter of Planned Parenthood, I am outraged by the recent allegations made by the Ohio Right to life advocate testifying on HB 497, which now includes a provision to defund family planning centers such as Planned Parenthood. An Ohio right to life advocate recently made the statement “We know why there are places like Planned Parenthood in Kent.” I find this statement absurd and highly impertinent, especially to college students like myself.

As a young college woman, I’ve realized many people try to misrepresent young women in college by insinuating that they are being promiscuous by using Planned Parenthood’s services. While students are away at college many are without their regular health-care provider. The Kent Planned Parenthood health center does not offer abortions and I find it sad that Ohio right to life advocates are implying incorrect information when students are using the health center for basic preventative healthcare needs.

I want to acknowledge and thank state Rep. Kathleen Clyde for standing up for women’s health. I plan to continue to stress that 96 percent of Planned Parenthood services in Ohio are preventive: lifesaving cancer screenings, birth control, prevention and treatment of STDs, breast health services, Pap test, sexual health education, and information.

One in five women visits a Planned Parenthood health center during her lifetime because she trusts the quality, professionalism, and confidential care that she will receive.

Ashleigh Snodgrass, Akron