Petraglia at home in Bell-Wick

Johnny Petraglia Jr., who recently participated in the PBA Hubbard Open in March, felt at home at Bell-Wick Bowl, where the regional tournament was contested for a second straight year.

The 27-year-old Petraglia, son of PBA Hall of Famer Johnny Petraglia, was attracted to the area for several reasons, No. 1 being his fiance , Andrea Lucente.

“I came out to see the fiance ’s family and bowl in a tournament and it’s paying off so far,” Petraglia said following his qualifying round on March 17, a day before he finished fifth in the Hubbard Open, which had the official title of PBA Central-East Panera Bread Hubbard Open presented by the Trumbull County Tourism Bureau & DV8.

Petraglia Jr., of Jackson, N.J., works for Ace Mitchell, a big bowling distributor out of Akron and Long Island.

“I usually travel mid-week,” he said of his schedule, which allows time for mostly local leagues and an occasional regional.

He said his status as a regional pro is “very, very part-time,” which means maybe 2 to 3 a year and ditto for the main events (bigger regionals).

“It’s kind of tough to get away every single weekend, but this was a good one to get to,” Petraglia Jr. said when at Bell-Wick, whose proprietor, Francis Zitnik, was a groomsman in the wedding of Petraglia’s fiance ’s parents.

Following his bowling inside on a sunny Saturday, Petraglia was a guest for some golf outside at neighboring Doughton G.C.

Petraglia said that bowling is secondary to his job.

“It’s nice to make some extra cash here, but the job pays the bills.”

Prior to Hubbard, Petraglia’s last regional in was Forrest Hills, Md., about a year ago, so he figured he’d be rusty — but he wasn’t.

As the sixth qualifier heading into the first round of Sunday’s finals, Petraglia beat No. 11 Brian Kretzer, then lost to eventual runner-up Ryan Ciminelli in the Round of 8.

Petraglia’s engagement to Lucente happened in November in Las Vegas, but the couple’s wedding plans are still in the planning stages.

“We’re beating around the bush right now because she’s out here [in Ohio] and I’m in Jersey, so we’re trying to find a place where we can both work and make a good, honest living and we’ll figure it out from there.”

In Jackson, Petraglia lives with his dad. They’re just down the street from Parker Bohn III.

“It’s a good bowling town,” the Petraglia said.

Morway has 665

Mary Ann Morway had a strong 245-665 effort in Pinettes at Holiday on March 15.

The Service League at Amron completed week 28 of 28 and Wednesday Seniors, which finished 30 of 30, both had this notation at the top of their scoresheets: “Thank you for bowling with us. Hope to see you next season.”

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