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Boardman eyes share of county sales tax

Published: Fri, September 30, 2011 @ 12:07 a.m.

Trustees ask state reps to consider legislation

By Ashley Luthern



Township officials want to “invade” the Mahoning County sales tax, and they’re asking state lawmakers for help.

Township trustees and department leaders met with state Rep. Ronald V. Gerberry of Austintown, D-59th, and state Sen. Joe Schiavoni of Canfield, D-33rd, Thursday afternoon.

Mahoning County collected more than $27 million in sales tax in 2010, and Boardman officials argue that at least 50 percent of that is generated in Boardman — with none of the revenue returned to the township. Trustee Larry Moliterno said the township does not “want to cripple the county” but said Boardman is looking for new revenue streams.

He said the township wants to continue to provide services to retain businesses but said it will be difficult as funds from the state dwindle and the loss of the estate tax approaches.

“Right now, that support is based upon the backs of the taxpayers in Boardman Township, and that’s not fair,” said Fiscal Officer William Leicht.

Earlier this year, trustees had asked state legislators to introduce a law that would give large, urban townships the ability to levy a township sales tax, pending voter approval.

They backed away from that because the additional sales tax would hurt businesses such as car dealerships, said Trustee Chairman Thomas Costello.

Instead, trustees are asking Gerberry and Schiavoni to consider introducing legislation that would allow urban, home-rule townships that generate 50 percent or more of the county’s sales tax to take some of the sales tax generated within its borders.

Such legislation would directly benefit Boardman and another township near Cincinnati, Costello said.

“Let these two Ohio townships, [one] that is the economic hub of Mahoning County, invade the county sales tax to a point of a quarter to half a percent,” Leicht added.

Gerberry and Schiavoni said they need more information but are interested in pursuing such legislation. One necessary piece of data is how much of the county sales tax is generated in Boardman.

In February, a representative from the county auditor’s office told The Vindicator that the county does not collect data on sales tax by township or municipality.

“This is an intriguing idea,” Gerberry said, also calling it as “creative.”

At one time, Costello said, the county did return some sales-tax revenue among the 14 townships in the county. Now, Boardman only receives some state sales tax returned to it through the Local Government Fund. Boardman expected to receive $670,000 this year from the Local Government Fund, and it is not clear how much of that amount was generated from the state sales tax.

None of the county sales tax money is returned to the township, a Mahoning County auditor’s office representative said earlier this year. The sales-tax money is used to provide countywide services for nearly 30 departments such as the sheriff, jail and courts.

Trustee Brad Calhoun said such a law could benefit both the township and Mahoning County.

“It would be a better Boardman and more people would come here to shop,” and that would mean more revenue for the county sales tax, he said.


1Stan(9923 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago

Why not slap an extra 1% on the sales tax for items sold in Boardman ? It would be much easier that trying to get some of the already collected money back .

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2apollo(1227 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago

The townships employees only know more for them and less for the citizens. They've built in that cost structure upon inheritance taxes that will soon go away. Even with the new levy money, they are in dire straights. Bend over taxpayers this August levy was the first of many. Keep voting in the Smith candidates and spending will never be addressed. The current 3 amigos only know how to spend. 2 of them are feeders from the public domain. The employees of the township are only interested in getting theirs. Double dippers are the norm. (see poster above) Giving them more money was like giving a drug addict more drugs.

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3NoBS(2757 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago

Incorporation is the answer - not trying to squeeze more blood from a turnip.

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4apollo(1227 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago

Incorporation is the answer for the township employees above because it enables them to tax your income as well as your property. All they understand is more for them and less for citizens.

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5southsidedave(5189 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago

Why worry, the money will only be squandered in some worthless manner.

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6NoBS(2757 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago

And Apollo is still bitter because he wasn't good enough to get hired by the township.

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7apollo(1227 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago

The township employee above, always falls back on the myth that I would have taken a massive pay cut to work at the township. If the former chief wouldn't have placed a bogus ad, I'd never have even applied for such a low paid position. They hired a neophyte and sold her as a 15 year veteran. Of course for $40,000 a year, they were unlikely to get a 15 year veteran.

I'm not the least bit bitter about the IT coordinators position. But the employees ARE bitter over me having their salaries posted in the public domain.

Lets become a city so they can not only tax you out of your house but get into your paycheck too.

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8Harley_Guy(146 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago

I'm all for incorporation! The city of Boardman and the benefits would far out weigh the draw backs. To finally be out of the shadow of Y-Town would be benefit enough! We give to much to everyone else - why do you think Y-Town would fight tooth and nail not to have us incorporate?!?

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9assiseeit(36 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago

If you were paying attention, the remaining 2.8 million dollars are being pulled from the what the trustees normally give the department from the general fund. They didnt increase the police department by any more than an additional $1mil. They bait and switched the residents!!!

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10ytown1(398 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

What I don't understand is what exactly did the original safety forces 2.2 Mill levy go for?

No one has really explained where it all was allocated for.

They called back a few fire fighters and that was it? Then then take 2.8 Million from the 3.8 mil levy and put it back into the general fund, and announce they are putting in for more money from the sales tax.

Sounds like a really money hungry bunch to me?

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11endthismess(463 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

Hey thethinker, you are so lost that you go all the way back to Lost In Space with the Professor, Billy Mummy, Angela Cartwright and the rest ...google that to get a good picture of yourself. Really...you are caught up in the 60's late hippie wanna know all about it from the Huntley Brinkley lost generation news casts.

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12piak(508 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

And who ordained that Boardman should be the "center" of Mahoning County. What's next after incorporation?
Being named the county seat?

Most every business that comes into this valley goes there. What's the chamber of commerce doing for this valley? Is it right Boardman is the shopping center of the valley?

Boardman wants to get their hands on County tax money and Gerberry thinks this is "creative thinking". I'm not surprised.

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13BobK(62 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

I know it has been said already but dont all those great big buildings and shopping centers bring in tax dollars that other townships dont get? Based upon the logic of getting a share of sales tax money How about this,put all the real estate dollars from the county in a central a fund and share it with those that are not as fortunate. Fair is fair right?
Kinda off topic, but has anyone looked a the Atown township building and compare it to the palace in Boardman on market street. Similar size population but amazing difference in facilities Whats up with that? How come we never hear how Atown has these issues. Could they be run more efficiently? Are they better managed? BTW. I dont live in Atown I am just asking?
Also , never vote for a specific use levy, you end up getting screwed in the end. It happens time and time again, it is a gimic that seems to work though.

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14seminole(476 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

NoBS, Doctore, all the public employees/ass kissers of the public employees have financially raped the township for years. At every trun they threaten lay-offs and loss of public service. Would that loss be one of the shot-gun riders in the snowplows? Or one of the five shovel-leaners standing along side the road while they use a bucket loader to pick up branches on the side of the road, a job any two motivated monkeys could do by hand in less than an hour? or would it be less side-by side police cruiser meetings in the parking lots on Market Street? or a reduction on their $70K per year average salaries? You see, the greed has permeated the township from the workers that have gouged the towhship with their union supported threats and outrageous contract demands up to the elected township trustees that have cowered at every turn, submitting to the threats and accepting the contracts. Now all has come front and center. They set a special election knowing the turnout would be minimal so they can affect the vote in their favor to further ruin the township. The fleecing is laughable because the trustees and their parrots like Farris trumpeted the glorious plan of the levy and the self absorbed morons of Boardman voted it in. Look around, you idiots, this outhouse is done, it is not making a comeback, it will simply continue to get worse. Stop bitching about it and move away. Oh, right, we can't, because the home values have gone to hell as well, thanks to the upstanding businesses the township allows to move in. Anyone need a tatoo, or a payday loan, or a weave, or some cigarettes? Or any more slumloards need a place to "remodel" for a quick sale? What a joke this place has become. Waller in the slop, generational Boardmanites. You made it, now live in it.

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