Mayors pander to union voters

Mayors pander to union voters

There was an article in last Saturday’s paper reporting that area mayors are opposing Senate Bill 5, or Issue 2. If there has ever been a more blatant display of pandering for union votes, I haven’t seen it. These people ought to be ashamed.

In the world of labor/management relations, which is inherently adversarial, SB 5 is a tool to give public sector management a stronger hand. The fact that these politicians oppose the bill speaks volumes.

As an area politician, I have an opinion as to why they did this. First, they know that politicians in the Mahoning Valley who oppose the unions do not get re-elected. Secondly, they know that SB 5 does away with arbitration, putting the decisions in the negotiating process back in their hands. They can no longer claim that their hands were tied during negotiation by saying, “The arbitrator made me do it.” They also know that SB 5 provides for public scrutiny of the negotiating process and the ability for the taxpayer to participate through public hearings when there is a stalemate. Politicians who claim to have the taxpayers best interests at heart, but behind closed doors go along with union demands, will no longer have this cloak of secrecy.

If you sat on the board of directors of a corporation and you learned that your CEO attended a union meeting where a strike vote was taking place and encouraged a yes vote, what would your reaction be? The public actions of these mayors, and many other area politicians are no different. While they have a moral obligation to treat their employees fairly and to compensate them as best they can, their first obligation is to be a good shepherds of taxpayers’ dollars. When times are tough their duty is to stretch our tax dollars as far as possible in order to maintain public services, even if this means compensating each employee less in order to achieve it. SB 5 (Issue 2) provides the tools to do just that.

You should remember which politicians opposed SB 5 and send them a message come next election, that they were sent to represent you. Vote yes on Issue 2.

Daniel Moadus Jr., Girard