‘Happy Endings’ A happy beginning for Eliza Coupe

By Rick Bentley

McClatchy Newspapers


Some actors have egos so big, they have to star in whatever production they’re doing. Not Eliza Coupe. The blond-haired beauty, who can be seen in ABC’s “Happy Endings” when it returns for a second season tonight, says she loves being part of an ensemble.

“I feel like when you are the lead of a show, there is this straight person and a bunch of wacky characters around them. I like being part of a group because you can bounce off other people,” Coupe says. “Also, we are all side characters who go together to make one big character.”

The other actors in “Happy Endings” include Elisha Cuthbert, Zachary Knighton, Adam Polly, Damon Wayans Jr. and Casey Wilson. They play friends who have had to deal with the breakup of two members of their group on their wedding day.

Coupe came to “Happy Endings” after two other ensemble shows: “Scrubs” and “Scrubs: Interns.” The 28-year-old is a New Hampshire native.

These days she’d never have to buy her own drink at a bar, but she says that wasn’t the case in high school.

“I wasn’t unpopular in high school but I definitely wasn’t popular. I wasn’t one of those cool girls. I was a very interesting looking adolescent who had no friends. I went to the prom once with a date and once by myself,” Coupe says. “I got brutally made fun of and so the comedy was my way of dealing with it.

“I decided I would make fun of myself before anyone could make fun of me.”

Now she’s getting the last laugh.

The first season of “Happy Endings” on DVD has just hit stores. Coupe also can be seen in the feature film “What’s Your Number?” opening Friday.

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