Patriot plans study on fracking


Patriot Water Treatment, which faces a potential shutdown next year due to environmental regulations, is planning a study to debunk the myths of hydraulic fracking.

“Our initial goal is to host a forum where all parties can share fact-based ideas, challenges and solutions concerning the use of water in this industry,” said Tom Angelo, Warren water-pollution control director, in a letter. “It is our charge to develop and implement a study that is science based, environmentally sound and practical. This study will protect our resources and embrace gainful employment for generations.”

Fracking, a process where water and chemicals are blasted into rocks thousands of feet below the ground to unlock natural gas and oil, has come under scrutiny for its environmental hazards.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources ODNR ruled in May that it will revoke the city of Warren’s brine-water permit next year, citing a statute in Ohio law that “strictly limits” options for disposing brine from the production of oil or gas.

It doesn’t affect Patriot’s ability to clean water, but it affects where they can send it.

Unless the ODNR decision is changed — the main reason to go ahead with the study — Patriot will be out of options.

Patriot already has purchased land in East Liverpool and Steubenville in hopes of building plants similar to the one in Warren. President Andrew Blocksom said as many as 600 jobs could be created, but only if ODNR allows Patriot to send treated water to public-water treatment plants.

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