Uninsured driver avoids citation

Uninsured driver avoids citation

Not long ago I was traveling in Lordstown and was in an auto accident. I was sitting at the traffic light when I was hit from behind. The Lordstown police were called and made a report stating the other driver was at fault and I was under the impression I would be compensated for damages.

I expected the police to make sure the other driver had insurance before we both left the scene. Apparently this was not the case because when I offered to go to my car and get my insurance card, the officer said not to bother and for me to go about my business and not to worry. Weeks latter I found out through my attorney that the gentleman didn’t have insurance until the day after the accident, which means the police just took his word that he did.

I was not injured in the accident. I know lots of people who would use this incident to cash in, but that’s not who I am.

I’m still not clear on why the gentleman was not given a ticket. The only conclusion that I can come up with for my treatment in this matter is that I’m black and the man who hit me is white. I have been stopped by police before for minor infractions many times and have been asked to show proof of insurance and had my car searched.

All I want is to be compensated for damages and my only recourse now is to take the man to small claims court and spend money I don’t have. This could have been avoided if the Lordstown police had been more diligent in performing their duty.

James Rogers, Youngstown