That’s what the Tea Party is about

That’s what the Tea Party is about

I was stunned to read the let- ter last Sunday in which the writer stated: “A grass-roots movement is needed to restore our government to one that is of the people, by the people and for the people.”

This is precisely what the TEA Party is. It was founded in April of 2009 spearheaded by millionaire Sal Russo, a former aide to Ronald Reagan. On September 12, 2009, nearly one million of us went to Washington when we literally clogged the streets and National Mall of Washington, D.C. We went again in 2010 — three times — resulting in the Republicans regaining control of the House and a wake up call to Congress. The TEA Party Express, a bus staffed with TEA Party leaders, crossed this nation four times in 2009/2010 and has started the 5th campaign in August, holding rallies in major cities.

I’m rather tired of reading letters, e-mails and articles saying “We need to wake up.” The TEA Party woke up in November of 2008. We’ve been called ridiculous names such as teabaggers, racists, right wing nuts, terrorists and religious extremists. Homeland Security has us on a watch list. Actually we’re made up of real Americans from every walk of life, age, race and color who love this country and refuse to let it be destroyed. If that writer is now awake, it’s not too late to join us.

Dorothy Grappo, Boardman

Still waiting for justice

At the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks I worry that most of the real villains in this tragedy have gone unpunished. We’ve spent years fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq yet the two nations most responsible for 9/11, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, continue to receive U.S. aid and support. This is a brutally cynical and corrupt slap at the memories of our 3,000 fallen citizens from that tragic day.

Large numbers of wealthy Saudis have been connected directly to the hijackers (15 of whom were Saudi nationals) through money and support funneled to bin Laden’s U.S. crew. Several of these financiers were even members of the Saudi royal family.

John O’Neill had worked for years with the FBI to track down bin Laden and died during the World Trade Center attack. He is quoted as saying in July 2001, “All the answers, all the clues that could enable us to dismantle Osama bin Laden’s organization are in Saudi Arabia.”

But the American people will never get those answers. President Bush ordered information that dealt with foreign finance and support for the 9/11 plot blacked out from 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission’s report and President Obama has done nothing to make the information available since he took office.

Likewise, Pakistan’s ISI intelligence agency and it’s military hid bin Laden for 10 years. The country is a breeding ground for terrorists who often receive funding and protection from the highest levels of government officials.

After 10 years, it’s time Americans hear the truth. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have been at war with us, not a couple thousand religious fanatics called al-Qaida.

Bill Adams, Austintown

Don’t blame the unions

In last Sunday’s column, Bill Johnson alleges that unions cost jobs. He points out that a company looks for lower taxes and less labor cost. His answer to the question, “Why won’t your business locate in Youngstown?” is to merely to blame the unions. Meanwhile, on page A16, a story reported that Ohio workers lead the nation in wages lost over the past decade. It was fact versus someone’s political-agenda opinion.

Here is the real answer to your question, Mr. Johnson. It’s called NAFTA and free trade agreements. And the corporations love it, forcing American workers in a race to the bottom. That is what is ruining this country. Companies looking for tax breaks on the back of the working people, yet you’d prefer those same working people work for less, pay higher taxes and do so without health insurance.

Unions and collective bargaining rights are not evil, and unions have taken concessions all along, even before these trying times. They’re not greedy in comparison to corporate America, and I haven’t seen a union yet ask for a tax break to build a new union hall or ask the taxpayer to build one for them. Yet, Mr. Johnson concerns himself with where our union dues might be going.

Chuck Altiero, Poland

Young Hoffa’s support is baffling

I was shocked on a recent eve- ning to see how far the once great unions I belonged to and supported for most of my working life had fallen. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is now run by the son of the greatest union leader ever, and he was addressing a Labor Day rally supporting the current resident of the White House. If one was in the right place they could have found the great Jimmy Hoffa’s grave by the trembling caused by his spinning.

The real “Jimmy” would be shamed to hear that the union he led to the position of greatest in the world was now supporting the politics of the party that gave us the “Royal Family of Camelot” that railroaded him out of the labor movement and started the downfall of labor in favor of union bosses and their political cronies.

Union membership is not the problem. Union bosses in bed with elected officials is.

Robert Husted, New Springfield

There are good people out there

We always need to know that there are still really good people in this world, better yet in our own Mahoning Valley.

Our family was at the great Canfield Fair Sept. 3 when our worst nightmare happened. Our 3-year-old little boy wandered off and was lost. We were frantic, numb, tearful, even our other young children were screaming his name. Within 10 minutes, as we informed one of the many fairground policeman, we were told that our precious, scared little boy was already at the fairground police office. A wonderful family came to his rescue. There aren’t words to express our gratitude to these guardian angels here on Earth.

Diane Rosario, Youngstown

Where is the shame?

What is going on with peo- ple in society today? Do they have no shame?

It is sickening to see on the news or read in the paper all the abuse — neglect, starving, torture and abandonment — of animals being an everyday occurrence. Where does this disgusting pattern cease?

The rest of us who appreciate and love our furry friends are tired of hearing the excuses.

We need tougher laws and punishment for these irresponsible people. Quit rewarding them with a slap on the wrist. This behavior needs to stop for the sake of all animals

Carol Mikita, Hubbard

Doesn’t condone gay pride

I’m writing in regard to the Gay Pride Festival held at the B & O Station in Youngstown Aug. 26.

This is very disturbing. The very name signifies pride in their immoral behavior, which is completely unacceptable. It is an abomination before God, against nature, and a grave sin crying to Heaven for vengeance.

It is indeed disturbing that Mayor Sammarone of Youngstown welcomed them at this event, which gave the impression of approval for their behavior.

Margaret Marsh, Youngstown