A tribute to Traficant’s vision

A tribute to Traficant’s vision

One of Barry Manilow’s songs that he sang at the Covelli Centre was “This One’s for You.”

I want to thank Jim Traficant for changing the face of downtown Youngstown and bringing people from Cleveland and Pittsburg here.

“This One’s for You,” Jim, and the vision you had for this area.

Louis Yaworsky, Austintown

Give kids something to do

Everywhere I go I hear how dangerous Youngstown is and how the kids spend their summer vacation at the mall and cause havoc.

All I could say is, no wonder.

Last year I went past the playground at Indianola and Glenwood and it was filled with children and instructors having a great time.

This year I went past and to my horror it was all dug up, and it looked like someone is putting a business there.

With all the empty buildings (including one across the street with a parking lot) in that area, why take this playground away?

I think it is a crime and it tells the children they don’t count. With nothing to keep them occupied I’m surprised there isn’t more trouble.

When I lived in Youngstown we had playgrounds and parks on every side of town, and that was during the Depression when there really wasn’t any money.

What do you expect children to do during the summer, sit around the house and twiddle their thumbs?

Josephine Ciavarella, Mineral Ridge