Politics not involved in firing

Politics not involved in firing

I feel I need to write this let- ter in defense of Campbell Mayor VanSuch. I was astonished at an Aug. 29 letter that insinuated that the dismissal of Donald Jackson was political. Mayor VanSuch had nothing to do with Mr. Jackson being appointed as a pro-temp to the water department.

When Mr. Krinos was elected mayor he kept Mr. Jackson’s father (Lew) as city administrator and a short time later, Mr. Krinos gave the younger Jackson a pro-temp job (now that sounds political) with the city water department, with the understanding he would have to take and pass a civil service exam. He knew this at the time he got the job.

Well, he took the test and failed it. Mr. VanSuch who did not create this problem, received notification from the civil service commission that he would have to dismiss, (not fire) Mr. Jackson from the water dept.

I understand that Mr. Jackson did a good job while working for the dept. but at the same time was being well paid and compensated. It was also mentioned that it cost the city $5,000 or more in training, that also was not Mayor VanSuch’s fault being that he had nothing to do with the appointment of Mr. Jackson.

What Mayor VanSuch has to be concerned about is the five men who did pass the civil service exam and what their reactions would be if the job was given to Mr. Jackson. Could there be a lawsuit, which might cost the city more money?

The voters in Campbell are not dumb, although after the last election I have my doubts. We have to get the citizens who are reasonable-thinking people out to vote. The voters must not listen to gossip and lies; they need to make their own judgment on who they are voting for.

There is a group of people in our city who are not concerned about what is best for the city, but what is best for them.

Chester DeWitt, Campbell