Bill would require Ohio lawmakers be drug-tested

COLUMBUS (AP) — An Ohio Democratic lawmaker is proposing to drug-test elected officials, in response to a Republican-backed bill calling for drug-testing of welfare recipients.

Rep. Robert Hagan’s bill would require statewide officeholders, legislators, members of Gov. John Kasich’s jobs board and recipients of federal bailout money to pay for their testing for un-prescribed pharmaceuticals, illegal drugs and alcohol. Officials testing positive would have to undergo treatment or be booted from office.

Hagan of Youngstown, D-60th, says it’s hypocritical for lawmakers to say they’re protecting taxpayer money by testing welfare recipients for drugs if they themselves won’t submit to testing.

The proposal would also give voters a means to kick state politicians out of office by submitting petitions and holding special elections.

Messages seeking comment were left for Republican leaders in the House and Senate.

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