Drought hampers wildlife reproduction

Drought hampers wildlife reproduction

HOUSTON (AP) — Wildlife reproduction in Texas is down because of one of the worst droughts in state history, and biologists worry that many adult animals will die if the dry conditions persist through winter and spring.

Preliminary reports obtained by The Associated Press from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department provide a glimpse at how the drought is affecting deer, prong-horned antelope, quail and other animals. The data comes from annual statewide surveys.

In a 30-mile area of the Panhandle, biologists found 76 white-tailed deer and zero babies. Nearby, they found three quail on a 20-mile stretch, compared to 15 in a normal year. In South Texas, a biologist reports a lack of water on some ranches is “killing deer like flies.”

Experts say it could be years before the populations recover.

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