Pit bull attacks dog, is killed by Campbell officer

Staff report


A police officer shot and killed a pit bull that attacked another dog, and the dog that was attacked had to be euthanized, police say.

Sgt. Dave Taybus said the pit bull was running loose and attacked the smaller dog, named Tobey, who was being walked on a leash by his owner.

The attack occurred around 5:40 p.m. Friday as the 54-year-old Campbell woman and Tobey were walking on Tremble Avenue, a police report says.

Officer John Gulu was dispatched to the call. When he got there, he saw the pit bull circling Tobey. While Gulu tried to get information from his owner, the pit bull attacked Tobey again, the report says.

Gulu shot the pit bull with a stun gun, and it retreated. Gulu and Tobey’s owner were trying to remove Tobey from the street when the pit bull ran aggressively toward them, the report says.

Gulu fired two rounds into the pit bull’s chest, the report says.

Tobey had severe wounds on his neck, head and face and could not be saved, Taybus said, adding that the owner came to the police station Sunday and told him a veterinarian had euthanized the dog.

The pit bull’s owner, Jerry Smith, 27, of 191 Tremble Ave., is facing fourth-degree misdemeanor charges of letting his dog run loose and having a vicious or dangerous dog. There are warrants for his arrest.

Taybus said that over the years, the problems with pit bulls have gotten “worse and worse.”

State law requires the dogs to be fenced and chained, and owners must have $100,000 of liability insurance.

The report says Smith told police he does not have the insurance.

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