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Crestview gets stung by Kirtland

Hornets’ strength and defense dominate Rebels in Division V


Kirtland defenders swarm Crestview quarterback Adam Coppock during the Division V regional championship game Friday at Mollenkopf Stadium in Warren. The Hornets overwhelmed the Rebels, 35-7.

By John Bassetti


Many high school football players who sulk after a loss don’t want to be bothered for hours.

After losing to Kirtland, 35-7, in the Div. V Region 17 championship game at Mollenkopf Stadium Friday night, Crestview players could have done the same.

But C.J. Collins didn’t shirk from his promise to talk.

After a tearful hug from family members, he took a deep breath, then, in a most statesman-like delivery, said:

“This team [Kirtland] is something special, so you’ve got to give them all the respect. Our coaches put us in a position to win, but we just didn’t show up. We can’t hang our heads. these are the best times of our lives so far. So you’ve got to accept it. We’re rooting for Kirtland, which won’t do anything short of state [championship]. Anything but state is a disappointment.”

That’s composure, that’s Crestview, that’s class.

Collins put his 6-4 frame and heart into his tackles of Kirtland’s bullish Christian Hauber, who gained 206 yards and scored four touchdowns to vault his Hornets (13-0) into the state semifinals.

Many times, Collins hung onto Hauber, but was dragged for yards by the Air Force Academy-bound recruit.

As difficult as it was stopping Kirtland’s power runner, Crestview also had the task of catching speedster Damon Washington — the other half of the Hornets’ two-pronged threat.

Washington added 94 yards rushing and a touchdown for Kirtland, which is making its first state semifinal appearance.

“We’ve been in regional finals twice and lost to Ursuline [in 2008 and 2010], so this is our third trip and we didn’t have to play Ursuline,” Kirtland coach Philip LaVerde said. “So, here we are; now we’re in the final four.”

For Crestview (11-2), coach Paul Cusick was realistic about his Rebels’ turnovers and penalties and lack of execution.

“I think we got caught up in the emotions and couldn’t control ourselves. When you’re playing a great football team like Kirtland, you can’t do that,” Cusick said of two fumbles lost and two interceptions, one of each which resulted in a Hornets TD.

“Obviously, that’s the best team we’ve played,” Cusick said. “They have a great shot at winning it all.”

Cusick didn’t expect being shut out until Adam Coppock scored on a 1-yard run with 0:27 left in the game.

“No, I thought that if we got a flow going offensively, we could do something, but we just didn’t get in a flow. We had the turnovers and had a penalty here and there and, against teams like that [Kirtland], you can’t do that. It just snowballs from there.”

Kirtland had 21 first downs to Crestview’s six and Nick Blower was held to 38 yards rushing.

“We knew they were going to be the best defensive team we’ve played — that’s no mystery,” Cusick said. “They did a good job of shutting us down.”



Hey Rebels, great season!

It is a shame you got spanked by Kirtland, especially since they aren't a parochial school, like Ursuline. So you can't use the excuse that you used when Ursuline spanked you some years back about "recruiting" and such. This was your big chance since you didn't have to play that bully Ursuline this year. Oh well, maybe next year.

In the meantime, get rid of the rebel flag. I know that the news doesn't travel that fast out in Tea-Party country, but the Civil War is over. The Union won.

posted 4 years, 8 months ago


You are an idiot Rockyroad. The Crestview kids played their hearts out and showed good sportsmanship. The Rebel flag has been with the school for many years, the Rebel is the school mascot and has jack diddly to do with the civil war or the union as far the school or these kids are concerned. The "rebel" has never been viewed or endorsed by the school or it's students as a endorsement of the civil war or the south. It is simply a mascot, same as any other mascot.

posted 4 years, 8 months ago


Yeah Rockyroad stupid post. Not sure where your from, but from your comment about Ursuline, you must have went there. I have kind of stuck up for Ursuline and their 3 consecutive state championships in Division V, because high school kids are still just high school kids, but Ursuline does recruit and has some of the best Division I talent in the state of Ohio, playing in the next to the smallest division in the state (something to be really proud of). Crestview had a great season this year and there is no shame in losing to Kirtland, which may have won previous state titles if it weren't for having to play Ursuline as well. Your post reafirms my dislike for social media and anyones ability to post whats on their mind.

posted 4 years, 8 months ago


Ursuline is a great football program and represents the area well as does Crestview. The Rebels have put together a great season and have nothing to be ashamed of, to go out an play Kirtland with its great defense and score and stay in the game is awsome. In a couple of weeks if Kirtland is the state champs Crestview can look back and say we played with the best in the state and although not our best game we were in it.

posted 4 years, 8 months ago


rockyroad, Hey you are a very opinionated pessimistic, who although have a few good points, you really take yourself very seriously, and for someone who is in their 50's or more reading the vindy for 50 years, "common man", dont knock these high school kids from the suburbs that have done a wonderful job this season, Ursuline, and Mooney do recruit players, I played for one of the suburb schools in the 80's and we lost the biggest guy on our team to Mooney on scholorship money. I'm not crying about it though because I still had a very good experience in high school and my highschool is in the state playoffs this year. I no longer live in the area but do keep up with the powerhouse teams that the area still consistantly produce. I have alot of respect for the teams and players from the mahoning and columbiana counties they represent well. Unfortunately you see people post things like you do that brings down that proud tradition in the area you might say you are the "hypocrit" but I'm not into slinging mud and this is still a free country and if you want to continue to embarass yourself and the youngstown area with your again pessimistic post thats OK. I can just read and say "common man".

posted 4 years, 8 months ago

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