LETTERS || Don’t reverse progress in Ohio

Don’t reverse progress in Ohio

By electing John Kasich it appeared that the voters had grasped reality and were ready to endorse fundamental change to improve our state.

The polls now indicate that Issue 2 will get a no vote. Voters are showing generosity, tolerance and support for the unions.

Generosity because by some calculations, (see below) teachers make close to $70/hour in compensation and benefits. Some others on state payrolls make less and others make more. I doubt that the average voter makes anywhere near this amount, thus they are generous.

Tolerance applies when unions strike. Interestingly, strike issues are not the same ones in the “vote no on 2” literature such as class sizes, safety equipment, training, etc.

Support is key. Conditions are good for union members right now. With the voters support, they can move to the next level, maybe 13 weeks vacation like the old steel industry contracts.

Thomas F. Butryn, Youngstown

A vote against ‘arrogance’

I am planning on voting no on Issue 2 on election day. My position is based on the arrogant attitude adopted by Gov. Kasich, and other recently elected governors in states like Wisconsin and Florida. The campaign rhetoric compared to their controversial actions taken once elected is, in my opinion, an affront to the electorate. Certainly some of the issues brought to lights regarding contract negotiations should be revisited during these dire economic times.

Arrogant politicians, vast divergencies in the income among the classes, and a transition from “of the people, by the people and for the people” to one redesigned by special interest groups (think the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision) are rampant today. Such conditions are destructive to the core values of our society.

I do not believe the evolving growth in the “Occupy Movements” is an attempt to destroy or overturn this country’s banking and financial institutions, structures of government, or the lives of wealthy individuals or businesses. These movements are attempting to send a shock wave through out this nation in an effort to rectify an imbalance within these systems.

There are political activities underway today to limit or subvert a citizen’s right to vote under the guise of combatting voter fraud.Politicians like to say they want to hear the voices of the people. In reality they are listening to those special interest groups who fund their political war chests.

Tom Flynn, Warren