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Kasich: Issue 2 helped with budget passage

Published: Tue, November 1, 2011 @ 12:05 a.m.


Governor John Kasich

Columbus Dispatch


Even if it fails next week, Gov. John Kasich said state Issue 2 has made a positive impact in at least one way.

Compared with the outcry generated by Senate Bill 5 (now Issue 2), his two-year, $55.8 billion budget passed with barely a peep.

“One really good thing that I will tell you is that, as a result of a lot of the hubbub around this issue, we were able to pass our budget with a minimal amount of problems,” Kasich said Monday after a pro-Issue 2 speech at Jack Havana’s Wing Revolution restaurant in Zanesville.

The inattention was “fantastic because it is that budget that has set the framework for the state of Ohio to rebuild.”

Kasich’s comments Monday came in response to a reporter’s question about whether he thought many had already made up their minds about Issue 2, which trailed in a Quinnipiac University poll by 25 points last week.

“I just know the reforms in this budget were dramatic reforms that Ohioans hadn’t seen in probably 100 years,” Kasich said when asked what problems he envisioned for his budget’s passage had there been no SB 5. “So probably people’s focus was somewhere else. Who knows what they, well, they tried to oppose JobsOhio, they tried to oppose controlling costs inside the state, but, I think, there’s only so much energy to go around.”

Democrats were quick to pounce.

“Among things I don’t say often is, I agree with John Kasich, but he’s right. He was essentially given a pass on his state budget,” said Chris Redfern, chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party.

“The governor has spent the better part of the last six months overstating the benefits of Senate Bill 5 and understating the impact his budget has had on local communities. It’s a Ponzi scheme,” he said.

Sarah Bender, a spokeswoman for the House Democratic Caucus, added: “Bragging that his jobs budget didn’t receive much public opposition because one of his other extreme policies has been the primary focus in the media, while Ohio lost nearly 22,000 jobs last month, is not exactly the kind of leadership this state needs.”

Though Ohio did drop about 21,600 jobs in September, it has added a net total of 28,800 jobs since Jan. 1. Kasich took office Jan. 10.

The two-year state budget was tweaked and changed by legislative Republicans, but few would dispute that it largely resembled the plan Kasich unveiled March 15.

The final budget cut about $1.4 million from schools and local governments, and about $340 million from nursing homes.

Kasich also said during his speech that SB 5 is impacting current contract negotiations, holding down costs of pay and benefits going to public workers.


1AnotherAverageCitizen(1194 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago

Turn out the lights the TEAparty is over.

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2timOthy(802 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago

Kasich will be in Hanoverton Ohio tonight at 5:30 pm. To speak on Issue 2. Dave Johnson hope for an orderly event. While Johnson you get what you ask for in this World and until these CRONIES start taking cuts your going to have problems. It amazes me how Government doesn't care about any thing but themselves. Including you Johnson. Your scab title is what it is a Bad product. Most tile setters won't even handel it. Why is that Davey ? No on Issue 2! Teach these Cronies a lesson ! And boycott Summitville tile .

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3UnionForever(1470 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago

****** Yes on Issue 2 ******

It's the only fair way for Ohio taxpayers and their families in this bad economy. We can't afford the alternative.

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4faith(200 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago

what about the sale of our turnpike? this is in the budget. ka"sick" is a wall street guy, he has brought his wall street ideas to OH. he wants to sell off our states assets (turnpike, liquor sales, workers, etc.) for a quick payoff for his cronies while OH will suffer for years to come.

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5db(280 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago

------------------Vote YES on Issue 2------------------

Many of us don't have retirement & healthcare benefits yet we must pay for them for the unions??

The state was $8,000,000,000 (billion) in the hole & nearing bankruptcy when Kasich took office. He balanced the budget without raising taxes and you folks complain?? Maybe you can explain how the state have functioned if it had gone bankrupt.

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6faith(200 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago

db, shouldn't kasick lead by example? everyone needs to take cuts except him and his cabinet? these jokers all got raises. our state is not a for profit company or corporation. Ohioans DESERVE the best services for our tax dollars and kasick is cutting services and raising taxes at the local level. AND everyone should have healthcare (VOTE NO ON ISSUE 3) & some retirement plan. if you do not have these things then you should get insurance for your job, its called a union!


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7NoBS(2829 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago

Looks like the reason for supporting Issue 2 is that someone else is getting something someone here isn't.

Hey Kasich, remember all those jobs you promised from the campaign trail? Where are they? Have you brought even ONE job?


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8Philo(99 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

If SB5 is overturned the end result will be a voter backlash and no levies will pass, not even renewals. Massive layoffs will be the only alternative. Unfortunately, the sad fact is that only the senior public sector union members will really benefit by overturning SB5 because the rest of the public sector union members will be laid off when the levies start failing. Public sector unions, tenure, and basing layoffs only on seniority are all detrimental to our society and have outlived their usefulness. If you're a less senior union member, a substitute teacher who can't obtain a full-time position, or have a teaching degree and can't get full time work, or if you have a loved one in this position, do the right thing for yourself. Vote yes on Issue 2.

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9pjst81(7 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

Kasich is going to be a Spread Eagle Tavern, I know this is a known place for repubs, but i guess I will no longer be dining there since they do not support teachers, police, fire. Yep, Im sure you will see a bunch of fancy cars lined up there in that parking lot. Yep, lets save money at our teachers expense, but what about that job Kasich created, what about the pay raises that he gave to his buddies! The pays are by far higher than that of former gov ted stickland. I wont be dining at Spread Eagle anymore. VOTE NO ON ISSUE 2!!!!!!!!

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10faith(200 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

this idea that unions have outlived their usefulness is absurder. if anyone thinks that there are not VERY wealthy people that are lobbing to eliminate workers rights and regulations for personal greed, then you are ignorant. don't let the ignorant rule, VOTE NO ON ISSUE 2!

FYI, the layoffs are coming via the budget.

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11rocky14(839 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago


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12jasoninohio(119 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

I love it how those who oppose Issue 2 say that if you do not support them that you are against fireman, policemen and teachers. Nothing could be farther from the truth. What thost who support Issue 2 want is for everyone to be on an even playing field, which is not the case right now.

And faith, yes, unions have outlived their usefullness. I say that even though I am by no means wealthy (I make about half now what I did 5 years ago, and I currentyl am renting. I don't own any luxury vehicles, nor do I vacation in the French Riviera).

Issue 2 is not about eliminating workers rights at all. Workers every where have the ultimate right to work where they choose. With Unions, companies are forced to keep many employees who are not carrying their wight all the time. Aside from that, Issue 2 is about equality. Equality for union and non-union workers. I can see where those who oppose 2 are running scared, they know that the gravy train is due into the station next week and they are scared that next week will be the last stop!


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13db(280 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

It's not about someone getting something that they aren't; it's about having to pay for someone else's and why that is wrong. If you want healthcare & retirement benefits, you pay for them; not demand someone else work to pay for yours. These benefits don't simply appear from nowhere; someone has to pay for them and that someone should be the recipient.

Kasich's cabinet costs less than Strickland's; Kasich got rid of the cronies and dead wood on the taxpayer dole and has implemented multi-tasking. The result is less expense to the taxpayer.

Ohio has had jobs created since Kasich's election. Since the state is no longer in fiscal crisis, it is no longer avoided by industry. Kasich has also reduced the corporate tax rates to entice business. Two areas the previous Strickland Democrat administration failed in.

Public workers make very good wages; teacher's/fire/police/etc are very well paid; routinely earn $70-80,000 a year. Why can't they contribute 10% for their retirement & 15% for their healthcare benefits? We in the private sector pay double that and are then forced to pay for the union's too?? That is wrong.

- Vote YES on Issue 2

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14charms(228 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

Philo is right!

There will be no local levies pass... for the foreseeable future if Issue 2 fails.

The unions probably won this round (Issue 2) but they will loose the local battles.

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15rustybucket55(7 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

This issue helped get the budget passed! Hell, they are all republicans. They will pass anything they want. Issue 2 is history! So are a lot of polititions when their term is up.

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16borylie(951 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

Are Obama's Wall Street guys Geithner,Daley,Bernanke bringing Wall Street ideas to Washington D.C.?
Did Obama who took in more money from Wall Street in 2008 than anyone in history,bring Wall Street ideas and influence to the White House?
Did Jon Corzine the ex democrat Governor from New Jersey and Goldman Sachs executive run that state into the ground and it took a republican Christie to fix that mess?
Will you people allow Governor Kasich to fix the mess in Ohio that he inherited?

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17AnotherAverageCitizen(1194 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

So once again Dave Johnson makes more money off of gov kasick and the state of Ohio. Dave Johnson making $60,000 for 24 meetings a year just happens to be the owner of Spread Eagle Tavern. I would guess there are more populated areas then Hanoverton to gain support for sb5.

A rally in Hanoverton, Ohio??? population July 2009. 378 residents.


BTW: Where is he going to park OUR super KingAir


Vote No on issue 2!

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18AnotherAverageCitizen(1194 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

kasich balanced the budget??

He took money from local schools and townships and cities. Gave his cronies double digit raises. The entire buget is Millions higher then strickland's. Part of his budget is selling/leasing the turnpike, which is stupid idea and has not even been done. Trying to ram sb5 down the unions throat, eliminating himself and many others from paying the same, and sb5 will be defeated.

So Please explain how, without kasich math, How he saved 8billion dollars by spending more money then Strickland.
Quit drinking his koolaid. It is causing battles in the middle class, but I guess that is what kasich wants.

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19Freeatlast(1991 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

Kasich is going to be a Spread Eagle Tavern.
Remember this place is a Tea party Den . And I for one will never eat there
VOTE NO on all 3

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20Brit(18 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

Issue 2 is bad for Ohio, bad for families, bad for the public safety! It is an attack on all Ohioans and will directly snowball against all people of Ohio. Issue 2 attacks workers and seeks to take benefits, pay and bargaining rights away from massive numbers of people. If it passes it will drive the good police, firefighters, nurses and teachers out of Ohio and Issue 2 if passed will make care in hospitals worse. There will be slower response times for fires and police and the quality of education in Ohio will suffer. Vote NO on Issue 2!!!

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21borylie(951 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

Explain to me the slower response times. The way I understand it is there will be less layoffs due to more money being spread from top to bottom for our safety forces.
Is the leasing/selling of the turnpike already done? Are you sure it's part of the balanced budget?
Good news. Since you 'll never eat at the Spread Eagle,that should increase the number of people that will.

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22VindyPost(436 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

...a link below w/ video
Must see!




Then after viewing, we can only sum up what Ka-Sick's character truly is:
Belligerant, Disrespectful, Imbecile.

None of this sb5 crap has to do with Ohio's budget. It's a scam-slam to public service employees; our teachers, police officers, firemen, nurses, emergency med tech's, unions, and frankly- all middle class Ohioians! Republicans want to regain power by hurting and attacking the poor and middle class citizens while the rich get richer and richer in corporate greed.

A Note to Ohioians,
"if you think Ka-Sick is in it for you...well, THINK AGAIN!

No wonder SB5 is shot down.

VOTE NO on Issue 2!

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23custodian123(7 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

As a school employee, I pay more into my retirement than you pay into social security, I pay for my health insurance and I pay state, local and federal taxes just like everyone else. I have also not gotten a 30-40% percent raise since 2004 like I read above. I also pay union dues like any other union member public or private. I have heard alot of people tell me that sb5 is to cut down on our "free retirement and health insurance" while I currently pay higher percentages than they do at their private jobs. Keep in mind also that if a public employee has ever had a job in the private sector and has paid into Social Security, when we retire we forfeit most of the money. We can not take both forms of retirement. So anyone who has a part time job, self employed, or previously worked in the private sector has "paid into your retirement" Dont get me wrong, I know there are ways to cut down on spending in the government, but I feel attacking us personally is not the right choice. Our raises dropped with the economy and we are currently in a pay freeze to help cut costs. Not every union employee expects to not have to work and a 10% raise every year. Union or not it is the supervisors job to monitor their staff and to make sure everyone is pulling their weight. It is fine for our tax money to go towards welfare or government aid while some take advantages of those funds working under the table or doing illegal activities to earn non taxed income and its fine for our tax money to go towards our prison system for inmate comforts, name brand foods, etc, but you target the wages and the right to bargain of the government workers instead of useless spending? Or how many people know someone on unemployment that is receiving that check, plus working under the table too making NON taxed income who still complains about "their tax money going to the government"? There are alot of places the government can cut costs, but the people in charge do not want to do it. Issue #2 will not help with that.
VOTE NO to Issue #2.

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24custodian123(7 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

"Go to the buckeyeinstitute web site and you will see that most teachers are making 30 or 40 percent more than they were in say 2004....."

Private sector has Social Security, which your employer has to match. We have a state retirement that is the same way. We have no choice on what we put it, just as you do not for social security.

If you choose to open an IRA you collect that plus social security. We can pay into an IRA and collect it with our retirement also and we get no match on it either.

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25grand4dad(219 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

"Public workers make very good wages; teacher's/fire/police/etc are very well paid; routinely earn $70-80,000 a year. Why can't they contribute 10% for their retirement & 15% for their healthcare benefits? We in the private sector pay double that and are then forced to pay for the union's too?? That is wrong."

Most public employees DO contribute 10% for their retirement. Please stop making the false statement that they don't. The ones who don't are for the most part those in managment (non-union) positions. These people will not be effected by SB5. They will continue to get these perks, Kasick made sure to exempt them and himself from this law. Also, many DO contribute to health care, many paying more than 15%. And please don't say the private sector pays double that, you pay only around 6% into your social security retirement.
"Issue 2 is not perfect, but is only way to get the public sector to start participating in this recession.. They wont do it willingly."
The public sector is participating in this recesion by continuing to ratify agreements making concessions in wages, agreeing to wage freezes, increased health care costs, etc. We read it daily in Vindy articles. Stop saying they won't do it willingly, it's simply not true. Collective bargaining does work.
D'ont fall for the governor's propaganda.

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26doubled(210 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

I see this fact and i realize right away where kasich and the gop are taking our state economy -- "Though Ohio did drop about 21,600 jobs in September, it has added a net total of 28,800 jobs since Jan. 1. Kasich took office Jan. 10. So it took him 9 months to create a measely 28,000 jobs (probably all paying below $10 per hr - with no benefits) and only one month for the gop led state to lose 21,000. Yeah, ya think most of those 28,000 new jobs were seasonal/summer part time employment...just the kind of jobs the gop likes -- pay is not very good but they make up for it by not giving you any benefits. Great work Kasick. This is the real world, not make believe wall street scamming shell games to make your rich buddies even richer, all at the expense of the avg investor. YOu're a scam artist, go sell a turnpike to balance the budget, but don't mention the fact that the taxpayers lose that asset, that we built and paid for, for the next 80 yrs. A true leader -- gimme a freaking break.

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27Just_me(18 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

Just read these posts to see how divisive an issue this is ..... Great leadership, Ka-sick. You've got the whole state fighting with each other and begrudging public employees of their worth. Real leadership. What a jerk. Can't wait for the election results to put him and the rest of the jealous haters who follow him in their place. No on Issue 2 will send more than 1 message to this pompous ass and the entire country. The far right has gone WAY too far this time. GOP Politicians who want re-elected will soon be distancing themselves from Ka-sick. Can't wait!

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28Freeatlast(1991 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

To borylie
Good news. Since you 'll never eat at the Spread Eagle,that should increase the number of people that will
Thank you at lest you will not be at the restaurants I'm at . Enjoy your meal that den of right wing wackos
VOTE NO And boycott Spread Eagle

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29borylie(951 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

This is what's good about private businesses,we can boycott them for any reason. Unfortunately we can't boycott or really have any say in the way the public sector is run. When we do object we are called many things,none nice. Just look at the name calling just on these posts.
Hope you enjoy the left wing of that crow you'll be eating next week.

So if I understand your rant,Gov. Strickland had no opposition when he was Governor? If so than he was a great leader,I just don't remember all the unity.

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30wantedtobe(13 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

Please read and learn. Dont just drink the kool aid.
Sb5 will not affect any appointed or elected public positions. They are exempt from sb5.

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31fd6636(288 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

Our best spokes person to repeal SB5 is Kasich himself!!! he showed in the vindy article that SB5 was a "decoy" so he can pass his budget, And some of you goats still think he's great! You can't lie and try to fool the tax payer, we see it, but you tea baggers think think otherwise. You right winger, tea bagger goats ( people who follow fools over the cliff) will be left standing holding whats left of the bag when your fearless leader leaves you standing there taking all the blame for failed policies, and he has moved on. Too late then. So, lets start to remove this jack asses policies by first VOTING NO ON ISSUE 2!!!

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32borylie(951 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

Is there something wrong with you? Seriously.
tea bagger goats? Do you mean lemmings?

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33doubled(210 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

HEY DB --- you're not very smart, are you? In fact, you seem to be living in a fntasy world of sorts. YOU said..."it's about having to pay for someone else's and why that is wrong." Oh you mean, you don't like paying taxes. Well, join the club, genius. And at exactly what point did you conclude that you're paying for someone elses health care? You act like you're being forced to give to some kind of charity or something.. You're wrong, and here's why --- I mean, you're alive right. You drive, don't you. You eat food and drink water, right? You flush the toilet after you use it (i hope), and you - or at least some family member - has used or is using the school system, right? I suppose you like the idea that if someone attacks you or robs your house or steals something of value from you that you can call a person and they will undertake an investigation for you and apprehend the bad guy -- and then you get to ask another person to got to work and put the bad guy in jail or punish him, or order him reimburse you for your damage, right? YOU are only able to do these things b/c someone goes to work every day to make sure that you can do these things. And do you think these services are free? Of course you don't , you're not that ignorant....so just get it straight that you're getting something in return for the measely amount of taxes you pay annually. And i'm certain that 4 years ago when private sector salaries far outscored public sector pay you weren't complaining...no one was. It wasn't unitl the private sector banks and wall street, and bush, destroyed our economy and the private sector was brought down a couple notches, then you started to complain. So don't act like you're making a huge sacrifice by paying your taxes --- b/c you're getting a hell of a return on your very small investment in your own quality of life and your community. Oh, sorry, "community" is probably a foreign word for someone like yourself, but feel free to look it up.

Suggest removal:

34custodian123(7 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

"If only the public sector went to wage freezes, 15 to 20% health-care contributions and increases to their pension back when the recession started. Guess what? You would be saying who's John Kasich? Where's McKees Rocks PA? And what is SB5? Ted Strickland would still be the gov. Don't blame the private sector blame yourselves for the position you're in now"

If the private sector would have taken your advice when the problems first started companies would not have outsourced to China, Mexico, etc creating a huge part of our unemployment problems. Plus if the private sector raised their social security rate could you imagine the up roar? It is not ok for us to have a union or raises(which have lowered over the last 10 years with the recession and have been frozen now) or health insurance (which has also increased every year for the last 10 years), but it is ok for the government to have to pay "prevailing wage" for any tradesman to work on government property? I know the Cleveland pipefitters wage for a laborer to sweep the floors or haul trash on a government construction site is around $38.00 per hour. Thats over double what I make. Another thing to consider is for most public jobs you need a job specific degree or training. For example a teacher needs a Masters degree to teach that is thousands of dollars and 6 or more years in education. They dont deserve a raise or benefits? How many private jobs that REQUIRE a Masters degree do not get raises or benefits? Or a Police or Fireman, how many private jobs do you risk your life everyday to protect people you do not know? In my opinion someone had a grudge and started SB5 and most of the people that support it are only in it because they think public employees get all kinds of "free stuff". If they would have have tried this when the private sector was making double of what the public employees were no one would have cared. Whats to stop them from banning all unions public and private? Most people forget the past working conditions that the union founders had to deal with that carry over to non union jobs as well. Minimum wage and other job safety laws could be the next target.

Suggest removal:

35custodian123(7 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

It is not ok for us to have a union or raises(which have lowered over the last 10 years with the recession and have been frozen now).

If you are going to quote me dont leave out the part where our raises have been frozen. Everyone in our union was happy to not take a raise and pay more per month for health insurance since we are not ignorant to the fact the economy is down. Everyone is ASSuming that we are all money hungry and that is not the case. You cant get blood out of a turnip is an old saying my Grandmother always said. If there is no money we make cut backs just like the private sector.

Everyone keeps comparing our retirement to a 401k or Ira. Our retirement is our SOCIAL SECURITY. If you work in the private sector you get social security and a 401k or Ira if you choose to invest in one. We pay 10% into our required retirement, you pay around 6%. If you put the extra 4% into a 401k after 34 years and added that to your social security you would not be as far off as you think. Also figure in a private job that requires a Masters and I would be willing to bet you would exceed $91k after 34 years. I cannot speak for teachers salary, I can only tell you how mine works and I make a third of what your friend makes and I am at a dead end. If the cut backs leave me without a job, I will have start over with social security since we do not pay into it. Our retirement is setup for lifetime employment since we can not work 30 years at a school and get a job at walmart to further our retirement credits like you can with social security. We pay almost double into our retirement over our careers, but we are not entitled to receive it? I have never once heard "if sb5 does not pass the state tax rate is going to 20%" If so that will affect us too. If no one was working "under the table" and we all did our part we would not be in this situation. We have stopped getting raises pre sb5, we still pay more into our retirement, pay for our health insurance and we pay taxes like everyone else. I think we should get rid of the state tax and establish a state sales tax. That way everyone, no matter how they get their income, pays evenly. Drug dealers, welfare, people working under the table while on unemployment, and the work force. If you make $30k you buy less than someone who makes $1.2 million therefore you pay less in tax. Just my opinion...

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36custodian123(7 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

The state budget has already passed cutting funds to schools and nursing homes, so why target our unions? If the bill was to have wage freezes across the board we would have not had a problem with it. I do read more than SB5 discussions and I am not ignorant to the problems in our economy. My wife works in the private sector and every year she has gotten a raise. And another note, when I die she cannot collect my retirement if she herself is on social security. There are alot of details left out about our retirement in this debate. Vote NO to Issue #2

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37custodian123(7 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

So how does getting rid of our unions, senority rank and cutting our retirement solve all of the economic problems? We are a small part of the budget. Cutting welfare, unemployment or other government funded programs could help too. My district is not proposing a levy and is in the black so why should we be affected? We have cut costs and figured out a way to work with what we have, so should the rest of the districts. No matter what program you look at there is always some people that abuse it. Like I said, I am all for a cut back in government spending, I just think this issue is not the way to do it. There is so much waste that needs addressed, but I do not see how cutting our unions helps this. It is the Treasurers job to balance their own budget, if the economy is better and there is money for raises fine, if not too bad. I am even shocked at some of the wages goverment employees get and I think its excessive, but why should it affect every employee. There needs to be a more detailed approach than what they have proposed.

I keep going back to unemployment because I personally see several people taking advantage of it. The last I heard it lasted for about 99 weeks and almost everyone I know that is on it refuses to get a job doing anything less than what they did before. Why work a lower class job when you can sit at home and make the same? Well what about our tax money that goes to that? And a number of people collect unemployment and work under the table. So we are paying for part of their salary and the non taxed income they get does not help balance it out. What are people expecting will happen? If we lose our unions jobs will magically appear for them? I truely feel bad for those honest people that are laid off right now and I wish them the best, but this is not the right way to cut back.

Also welfare... The abuse of that system is disgusting. Cut back on the length of time, added money for having more kids and DRUG TEST!!! We had to start clipping coupons when our bills went up but our wages didnt and I see people in walmart with shopping carts full of name brand food laughing because they have so much money in food stamps that they have to buy extra food they dont need to use all the money. I see alot of problems that we as taxpayers can not do anything about, but they attack our unions? Its like the smoking ban. As a smoker I was all for banning smoking in resturants, but why not give bars and clubs the choice? The bill that passed was too broad of a stroke and I feel this is the same way.

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38custodian123(7 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

Olddude, for the first time we seem to agree! haha. It has been swept under the rug for as long as I can remember. I am basically one of the bottom rungs on the public sector ladder and I worry they will start at the bottom instead of the top where the excess is being spent. I work all year 8 hours a day and I made less than almost all of my friends. I put up with the comments for years about cleaning toilets and cleaning up puke and how much more money they made. I always thought to myself the benefits and job security make up for the less pay. I think alot of people on both sides are arguing the same point. Yes we need to cut back, but this is not the right way.

Falconeddy, I quit smoking a few years ago too to save money. I smoked cigars that are still $2.19 per pack, not cigarettes because they were too expensive then. As for a vacation ha! My property taxes, electric, gasoline and basically everything has went up over the last few years like everyone else and things have been tight. Public job or not I am living pay check to pay check just like most middle class people.

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39wantedtobe(13 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

Smoke and mirrors

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40Oop81269(16 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

Let me give you some info directly from SB5. If an employee is SUSPECTED of taking part in a strike he forfits TWICE his daily pay for those days that he is SUSPECTED of having taken part in the strike, but, it is up to the employee to PROVE that he did not take part in the strike (what if he was in the hospital) and has to sign a sworn affidavit and go to court to get his money back. 12 People APPOINTED by the Governor, President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the house; all of these get paid out of THE SCHOOL EMPLOYEES HEALTH CARE FUND and reimbursed for all "operating expenses paid for out of THE SCHOOL EMPLOYEES HEALTH CARE FUND and according to Ohio Revised Code 124.15 which means that the can make as much as $32.00 per hour for a 40 hour week and they don't pay for their health care because they are state appointees and get it for FREE! (2) Members shall receive compensation fixed pursuant to division
(J)(A) of section 124.15 of the Revised Code and shall be reimbursed from
the school employees health care fund for actual and necessary expenses
incurred in the performance of their official duties as members of the board. THEN there are another 18 bureaucrats appointed to watch over these 12, all with the same free ride. Oh and I almost forgot, They also get to hire their own aides and these get paid for out of the SCHOOL EMPLOYEES HEALTH CARE FUND. For each and every profession listed in these adds they are going to add more bureaucrats that will cost even more tax payer money. How does any of this sound right to you? Don't beleive me?
OK, here is something to actually read.
At the very least make an educated vote and don't be one of the "sheepeople" blindly following a political party. Here is a link to all 304 pages.
Project Vote Smart condensed version.

And this page will link you to all the ballot issues in Ohio.

This page allows you to look up all the Ohio Revised Codes that the are talking about.

Copy and paste these links into your browser. Get informed. Make an informed vote!

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