Campbell schools adopt pay-freeze contracts

By Jeanne Starmack


The board of education accepted new two-year contracts with teachers and Ohio Association of Public School Employees workers.

The board had a special meeting Tuesday. Once it settled contracts and salaries, it was able to pass a new five-year forecast required by the state. The forecast, which is due Tuesday, projects $500,000 in savings next school year.

No district employees are getting raises, said Superintendent Tom Robey. They are all paying more toward health benefits — 3 percent more in each of the two years. They will pay 6 percent the first year and 9 percent the second year.

They are also paying 2 percent more, 1 percent in each year, toward their retirement benefits. The school district had been paying 2 percent above the 14 percent it is legally required to pay, Robey said.

In exchange, the district will not freeze contract step-increases.

The Campbell Education Association ratified its contract Thursday with a vote of 63-15.

OAPSE met Monday and ratified its contract 30-2, said union president Cathy Berry.

OAPSE includes bus drivers, cafeteria workers, secretaries, educational assistants and custodians, said Berry.

Their pays range from $12,000 a year for cafeteria workers to $30,000 for custodians, Berry said.

Teachers’ pay ranges from Step zero with a bachelor’s degree, $32,325, to Step 27 with a master’s degree and 30 years’ experience, $67,236.

The school district offers two health-care plans with four tiers.

Under the current core plan, employees contribute $15.56 toward a monthly premium cost of $473.88 for single coverage. Under employee-spouse coverage, employees pay $32.07 toward a premium of $984.41.

For employee-child coverage, employees pay $26.45 toward a premium of $805.57. For family coverage, employees pay $42.78 toward a premium of $1,313.87.

Under the low-deductible plan, employees pay $34.68 toward a monthly premium of $501.72 for single coverage. For employee-spouse coverage, employees pay $72.27 toward a $1,044.67 premium. For employee-child coverage, employees pay $58.94 toward an $852.91 premium. Employees pay $96.31 toward a premium of $1,391 for family coverage.

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