Proud to be an American

Proud to be an American

I find myself wanting to ex- press how proud I am to be an American and how thankful I am to a president who was willing to make a difficult and dangerous decision and very thankful for a very brave and highly skilled group of Navy SEALs willing to carry out a special mission.

We finally got Osama bin Laden, an enemy in our war on terror who has caused unspeakable pain and loss but never for one second caused us to doubt our allegiance to our great country, In fact, 9/11 united us rather than defeated us. After his death, the United States made sure his body was treated with respect, much more than he would have ever given to the body of a dead American.

We allowed bin Laden to die with more dignity than he gave to thousands of Americans on 9/11, because that is who we are — Americans. Was he armed? Why should it matter? How many of us were armed on 9/11? I see people all over the world fighting and willing to die for freedom and give thanks for the privilege to be an American.

So thank you, President Obama, and thank you, Navy SEALs, and a very, very special thank you to all who have sacrificed for our freedom. We will never forget. God bless America.

Catherine Marinecz, Youngstown

Who is minding the store for us?

My loss of trust, and feel- ing betrayal, by those government officials in charge of managing trust funds has never been greater than it was after reading the May 14 article “Finances look worse for Medicare and Social Security”.

What has happened to our country, considered as being the richest in the world?

My thoughts travel back to when I was a child attending Holy Trinity Catholic school in Struthers. I can see myself and my classmates with our right hands placed on our hearts as we recited the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of our class.

Not only were we taught to have love for God, our parents and others, but to love our country, which is the greatest in the world, and to thank God for being blessed to live in it.

I have and always will believe in the things I was taught, but I also believe the voting public should study and understand the issues and candidates they place their precious vote for. They should also remember the promises that candidates seeking their vote make, and most importantly the promises that are kept.

I strongly encourage all young Americans to save their money. Their future livelihood may depend on it. And even though American currency states “In God We Trust,” unfortunately it’s not God in charge of managing the trust funds. If God was in charge, without a doubt, there would be money a plenty.

Mary Lou Jurina, Youngstown

An attack on the middle class

Well, it has happened. Sen- ate Bill 5 got pushed through. The Republicans must be proud that they just cheated the working man. Oh, I forgot, we are the new “axis of evil” according to them.

We are only eight years in Iraq, we’re stalled with the Taliban, and Russia has fallen apart. So who else do they have to blame for everything? The unions, not their mismanagement and pork spending of our tax dollars.

They say our collective bargaining is the problem. We negotiated our contracts in good faith. Sometimes we won, sometimes we lost, but we worked it out.

The Republicans portray public employees as earning a fortune. I wish I made what every one thinks. I’ve taken a pay freeze for the last three years and have two more years to go. I also pay into my pension and health care.

Who pays the governor’s pension and health care? When was the last time he and his staff took pay freezes or made concessions? The same goes with all members of the General Assembly and Congress. Why don’t they take cuts? When they want a raise they just vote on it. And who pays for it? We do, no matter how bad or good of a job they’re doing.

Even if they go to prison they still get their checks every month You won’t, but they will because they “deserve it.” Petitions are going around to repeal SB 5. This issue will affect us all in the long run; please sign.

Ray Callihan, Niles