Couple seeks OK for low-speed vehicles

By D.A. Wilkinson


Lora and Ronald Kost of New Waterford again have asked council about the potential use of “low-speed vehicles” in the city.

She and her husband run Ron’s Rt. 14 Cars & Carts.

The couple on Tuesday made the distinction between golf carts and larger and more-powerful electric vehicles that still are much slower than cars.

Lora Kost said that the more-powerful carts are now called a “low-speed vehicle.”

She explained that such vehicles meet National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s safety standards.

The LSV vehicles have an identification number, an ownership title, can have plates and can be used on streets with speeds of 20 to 25 miles per hour.

The vehicles also may be subject to having a triangular sign commonly seen on the back of slow-moving vehicles, such as some trucks and farm machinery.

Some residents use a golf cart to make visits within a development during nice weather, said Councilman Lowell Schloneger.

One of the examples is Firestone Farms, which contains both homes and a golf course.

But few people would try to cross state Routes 7 and 14 in a cart, he said.

Councilman Tom Ferguson pointed out that the couple had come to council twice before.

“Your proposal got very little reaction,” he said.

“Technology has exceeded vehicles in Ohio. There is no legislation yet for registration for the vehicles,” police Chief Tim Gladis said of the vehicles.

The chief added: “We don’t have a black and white answer over this.”

Daniel Blasdell, the municipal attorney, told the Kosts that council was waiting to see how the state govern-ment may rule on the LSVs.

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