Fed up with Valley Democrats? Visit GOP open house Saturday

Fed up with Valley Democrats? Visit GOP open house Saturday

I am writing today as a re- action to the recent news about another tarnished office in Mahoning County. Once again, another member of the Mahoning County Democratic Party has jeopardized the integrity of a county office. I for one am sick and tired of hearing about one Democrat after another being indicted or brought up on some charges. Of course in this instance, I am speaking of former Democratic Party Chairman and, as of today, former Mahoning County Treasurer Lisa Antonini.

The time has come for those people who are looking for an alternative to the corruption in local government to step up and take some responsibility. There is an alternative in Mahoning County, and I am challenging those people who are quick to judge but slow to act to give the Republican Party a try.

This Saturday the Mahoning County Republican Party will be having an open house to meet with Valley residents who are interested in running for public office. This is an opportunity for those people who say that the Republican Party in Mahoning County needs better candidates to step up and be that voice.

I have been a long-time volunteer for the party and am proud to say that I will be there on Saturday morning to talk with locally elected Republicans and see what I can do to help change Mahoning County. If ever there was a time to step up, it is now.

I am personally challenging everyone who says there is no alternative to the Democratic Party in Mahoning County to be the change they want to see. Join me at the Mahoning County Republican Office on Saturday, and see what you can do to help.

Ryan Beil, Boardman

The writer is vice chairman of the Youngstown State College Republicans.