Eddie Eagle teaches Hubbard grade-schoolers not to touch guns


People discard all sorts of stuff, including guns. Litter is unsightly, but guns are potentially lethal.

The Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program emphasizes safety in how to react if a student should come across a gun on the playground, in school, on the school bus, at a park or anywhere.

Students at Roosevelt Elementary School learned how to be “gun safe” from Sgt. Chris Moffitt of the city police force Wednesday.

Moffitt said Roosevelt second- through fourth-graders went through the 30-minute program as did kindergartners through fourth-graders at St. Patrick School.

Moffitt likened the gun safety instructions to what to do in a fire — stop, drop and roll. The gun safety guidelines are stop, don’t touch, leave the area and tell an adult.

Moffitt explained in more detail what each step means.

Stop — what you’re doing.

Don’t touch — the gun might be loaded and go off.

Leave the area — get away from the gun.

Tell an adult — find a trusted adult immediately and tell them about the gun.

The Eddie Eagle video featuring eagle-eye Eddie eagle that the students watched also brought out the point that children might encounter a gun at a grandparents’ home.

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