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Austintown school board reinstates teaching positions

By Kristine Gill

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

By Kristine Gill


Five teaching positions will be reinstated because of an increase in open-enrollment students.

The five positions were cut at the last school board meeting April 25.

Superintendent Vince Colaluca said the increase in open-enrollment students will allow the district to continue to employ the five teachers at a salary of about $50,000 each.

Last year, Austintown schools accepted 350 open-enrollment students. Applications have been approved for about 100 more students next school year. Colaluca said the district receives $57,000 in funding for every 10 students it accepts through open enrollment.

The board also approved the reinstatement of four bus-driving positions eliminated at the last board meeting as part of cuts in response to the new state budget.

“We’re losing money with the state budget,” Colaluca told board members. “This month gave us some time to look at enrollment numbers and retirements, and the biggest part impacting the budget is open-enrollment students being brought into the district. We’re bringing in more students and can bring back positions.”

Board members recognized 29 local businesses and service organizations for their support of the school district, including The Vindicator. Representatives from each were presented with a certificate through the Ohio School Boards Association 2011 Business Honor Roll.

Board President Kathy Mock thanked all of them for their support.

All board members encouraged high school students to be safe at prom Friday and during their coming graduation celebrations.

The next school board meeting will be at 5 p.m. June 20 at Austintown Middle School.