HELOISE: Make dusty candles pretty

Dear Heloise: I have some candles that I pulled out of storage, and they are a little dusty. They still smell great, and I would love to use them, but they aren’t very pretty with all the dusty gunk on them. The dust won’t just wipe off. How would you suggest cleaning them?

Jenna in Illinois

The National Candle Association suggests cleaning dust off candles by rubbing them gently with a piece of nylon net (a longtime Heloise favorite) or a soft cloth. You can dampen the cloth with water if you want.

And here’s the Heloise Update: Avoid rubbing alcohol — it’s highly flammable. And use a microfiber cloth to zip through the cleaning.


Dear Readers: You should not store clothing in dry-cleaning bags. Here are some good uses for the bags:

As filler when mailing packages.

Tie one end and use as a lightweight trash bag.

Store silk flower arrangements in one.

Use to stuff pouf valances.

Store wet clothes, seashells, sand toys, etc.


Dear Heloise: You know how hard it is to open the plastic bags that come on a roll in the grocery store to put your items in? The other day, I was carrying a sticky note and pulled a bag off the roll. I pressed the note on one side of the bag, and it just pulled apart.

Jan in Washington, D.C.

Dear Heloise: My rain gauge cracked from ice this winter. I smeared a thin coat of silicone sealer over the crack and let it dry. Now it’s watertight.

Joyce Ancrile, Vienna, W.Va.

Dear Heloise: In several posts by you, you say to use “nonsudsing ammonia” for cleaning. How do I know if it is nonsudsing? I never see it in the stores. Usually it says “ammonia” or “all-purpose cleaner.”

Arlene, via email

Arlene, the difference between the two ammonias is that sudsing ammonia has a bit of detergent included, and it is good for tough cleaning jobs. Clear, or nonsudsing, ammonia is great for cleaning windows, mirrors and glass, and is an all-purpose cleaner, as stated on the container.



Dear Heloise: My new washing machine is my worst nightmare.

It is supposed to save energy, water and cleaning products.

It does none of these.

It does not get clothes clean unless I wash small loads and pretreat all stains. Using the new high-efficiency laundry detergent helps very little, and it is more expensive.

I did not check all this out before buying, and have regretted that very much.

Jean J. in Lubbock, Texas

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