Ohio’s Senate Bill 5 has scary implications for future teachers

Ohio’s Senate Bill 5 has scary implications for future teachers

Gov. John Kasich’s Senate Bill 5 is undoubtedly terrible legislation for 350,000 public employees in Ohio because of the drastic elimination of pay increases. What this bill mainly does is limit collective-bargaining rights for public employees, which include teachers, police officers, and firefighters. Taking away bargaining rights from these unions sets our state back to how these public services were upheld in the 1970s.

The cuts made by this bill are said to save the state as much as $1.3 billion to help stabilize our debilitated state budget and economy and create new job opportunities. It also requires these employees to pay a greater amount for health insurance and limits sick leave and vacation time.

My main concern deals with the budget cuts for teachers because I’m currently studying to become one. According to Gov. Kasich, funding will be cut for grades kindergarten through 12. As a middle-childhood-education major, my focus areas are between fourth through ninth grade, so this bill will affect me no matter what.

As a future educator, SB 5 greatly threatens my chances of finding a job once I graduate. If this bill bcomes law, fewer teaching jobs will be available and many current teachers may lose their jobs. For many students studying to be teachers, including myself, the outlook on our careers is starting to falter. Our entire futures are at stake because this bill could prevent us from reaching the goals that we’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Overall, this proposed legislation makes me want to put all my plans of becoming a teacher on hold. It even makes me think about eventually switching my major to escape the inevitable hardships of the future teaching business.

Jina Vitullo, Boardman