Justice not served by judge’s rant

Justice not served by judge’s rant

The headline on the top story on the March 4 Local page blared: “Judge to probation violator: ‘I despise you.’” The case involved a man named Charles Etto, who warranted this emotional vent by violating parole for a second time (while on a day’s furlough, he evidently scored some “opiates” and cigarettes). As a result, we can all sleep a bit more soundly knowing that this man will now spend 41/2 years in the pen. Assistant Prosecutor Becky Doherty asked for a sentence of exactly that length, which provides nice symmetry, but it’s unknown whether or not she, too, despises Mr. Etto.

To his honor: Has a casting call been sent in search of a new reality court show? If so, well done. If not, your unseemly, irrelevant, unprofessional, testosterone-induced rant can only be ridiculed on a local level. To be fair, the jilted-lover-sounding “despise” line was preceded by: “I was reaching out to this guy, and he spit in my face ... there’s nothing you can do or say to make me feel sorry for you.”

To the Vindy: Why? You had to know that the man was performing for you, and you gave ink to this embarrassing verbal bile. His self-aggrandizing, “tough on crime” persona is admittedly adorable, but how did he make you forget that this was a human being he was lording over? “

(Etto) had a debilitating medical condition (three crushed vertebrae in his neck), which is why the state recommended probation ... and I fell for it,” lamented Judge Krichbaum. Obviously, the judge took it personally that an addict sought pain pills on his day off. While I certainly am not “pro-crime,” I am pro-human. Who exactly benefits by Mr. Etto doing 41/2 years state time?

Richard Z. Thompson, Canfield


While correcting the text of a letter by Barbara Mansky for Wednesday’s paper, an editor made two typographical errors in the second paragraph. Her unedited text read: “Our governor referred to the Highway Patrol officer, who was doing his job when he pulled the governor over and ticketed him in January, 2008, as an ‘idiot’. He used the term several times. He used the term at a talk on January 21, 2011, so his attitude toward police officers is how he views them now.”

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