HELOISE: How to dispose of latex paint

Dear Heloise: I have some leftover latex paint and need to know the best way to dispose of it. Can I just put it in my trash can?

Heather, via e-mail

Heather, good question. The American Coatings Association says to never pour paint down a toilet, sink or storm sewer drain.

Look for an organization such as a school, church or theater group that would appreciate the donation of leftover paint. Many cities offer a solid-waste pickup day when paint can be taken for disposal.

If you can’t do any of the above, small amounts of latex paint can be allowed to air out completely (some areas don’t allow this, so you may need to check city regulations) by removing the lid and putting the open can somewhere away from children and animals. Large amounts of latex paint need to be added to an absorbent material such as sawdust, shredded newspaper or cat litter and allowed to completely dry, and then it can be put into a trash can.

Did you know that if you have a lot of leftover light-colored paint, you can take it back to the paint store, which might be able to tint it a darker color?


Dear Readers: Did you know that you can buy bra extenders to make a bra more comfortable when traveling or if you have gained weight, are pregnant or have a medical problem?

The extender is a small piece of bralike material that adds a couple of inches to the width of a bra. It can be bought for under $10 and comes in several colors, with different hook numbers. They usually can be found in the lingerie department of department stores, or can be ordered online.


Dear Heloise: A sure way to clean glass votive holders: Fill a votive cup about 3/4 full with water. Microwave on high for about 45 seconds. Carefully remove from the microwave, pour the water out and wipe clean with a paper towel. The glass will be “clean as a whistle.”

Marilyn Buzbee in Baton Rouge, La.

What a bright idea! However, please don’t pour down the drain. Dispose of it safely.


Dear Heloise: I have severe allergies and wash my bed linens frequently. I always turn my pillowcases inside out before reaching for the pillow to place inside, because that makes it easier to get the case on the pillow. I also realized that if I store my pillowcases inside out when not in use, it keeps them clean and makes them easier/faster to use when I need them.

Teri Z. in Chicago

Dear Heloise: In order to squeeze the most out of my toothpaste tube, I lay it on the bathroom counter and run the handle of my hairbrush from the bottom of the tube to the top.

Laura Knott, Huntington Beach, Calif.

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