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Dish Network, Lin TV restore channels

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dish Network, Lin TV restore channels

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Ending a dispute that caused 27 local television stations in 17 cities to go dark for eight days, Dish Network and television station owner Lin TV Corp. agreed to contract terms Sunday.

Terms of the agreement were not released, and neither side has said how many viewers were affected.

The two sides failed to agree before a March 5 deadline. Since then, Dish Network subscribers in 17 cities including Indianapolis, Providence, R.I., and Buffalo, N.Y., no longer were able to watch local affiliates of networks such as CBS, Fox, NBC, ABC and the CW. Both companies had blamed each other for pulling the broadcast signals.

3,001 arrested for product piracy


Chinese authorities have arrested 3,001 people in their latest crackdown on rampant product piracy and seized fake or counterfeit medicines, liquor, mobile phones and other goods, officials said Sunday.

The campaign launched in October comes as Beijing faces pressure from the U.S. and trading partners to stamp out product copying. China is a leading source of fake goods despite repeated crackdowns, but Chinese officials have promised the enforcement will produce lasting results.

Trade groups say illegal Chinese copying of music, designer clothing and other goods costs legitimate producers billions of dollars a year in lost potential sales.

For waterfront, NYC plans $3B in changes

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For decades, development in New York was about concrete, skyscrapers and roads — highways that often ringed the city and kept people from the hundreds of miles of waterfront shoreline. Now, the city’s first waterfront plan in two decades will spend billions of dollars to reunite New Yorkers with their water.

The $3 billion-plus plan, to be announced by the Bloomberg administration today, would add 50 new acres of parks, expand dozens more, overhaul the city’s sewage system to reduce waste pushed into the rivers and dredge waterways to make room for giants ships.

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