Let us see the beauty of Courthouse statuary

Let us see the beauty of Courthouse statuary

Regarding Todd Franko’s article last Sunday, I would like to add my opinions, which I believe coincide with his, concerning the statues that sat atop the Mahoning County Courthouse prior to the start of restoration.

I agree with Mr. Franko that building designer Mr. Owsley would have found a place at ground level for the statues, had he known that over the years the statues would have been obscured by the surrounding buildings and landscape. Also, I’m sure he would be turning over in his grave if he knew the exorbitant costs in our cash strapped economy, to remove them from the building tops, then hoist them again to the top when the restoration was complete.

I know I’m just some dumb naive taxpayer, but surely the difference in cost for placing them at ground level vs. putting them out of eyesight again cannot be justified. And “a debt we owe future generations to attach them where they came from?” Please, give me a break. But if there is something we all know about, surely it is debt.

Robert L. DeFelice, Boardman

Drilling in USA will bring oil prices down

Again we hear the call “we must be free from OPEC, oil from the Middle East.” I am sure that we all heard that call, so what is the problem?

If we can go to the moon, why can’t we drill for oil here in the good old USA. We have the tools and know how to drill, all we need is for someone in Washington to give the word — drill here now and also off shore. The oil is there, also in Mexico, Canada and Alaska. Report is there are at least for 200 years, you see we will need fossil fuel, gasoline to run our cars till we can come up with alternative fuel.

Windmills are not the answer, nor electric cars and not ethanol — we are using our corn to produce ethanol and our food prices are rising. We spend billions of dollars on this ethanol and I can not put it in my car. If you buy an all electric car, be sure to also buy a gas engine because you will need that gas car while your electric car is charging up. So now you will have two cars in your garage. Now windmills did not work in the sixteen or seventeen century, what makes our leaders think it will work now, more money down the drain.

Fossil fuels and natural gas are here and will be with us for many years to come, so lets drill, drill, drill.

Oil people are using the uprising in Cairo and Tripoli but don’t be fooled, they have been raising the price of gas for a long time.

Carl DiTullio, Canfield

Teacher’s day stretches into nights, weekends

A letter in last Sunday’s Vindicator stated that “Bargaining a privilege, not a right.” Yes sir you are right, collective bargaining is a privilege, not a right — a privilege that should be given to all public and private sector workers. Without it we become a nation run by dictators telling us all what we will be paid, what you can and can’t do, what you can and cannot eat, ramming legislature down our throat even though we don’t want it.

As for teachers, my wife is a teacher — or as the writer put it, an “overpaid underachieving educator.” Perhaps he should know some facts before spouting off. My wife leaves at 6:30 am like many others, first period starts at 7:20 am. She doesn’t have any study halls. She has a half hour lunch, and her teaching is supposed to end at 2:30.

At 2:30 she assists pupils who are struggling or need her help, calls parents on a daily basis to keep them informed on their child’s progress, then plans for the next day! If she is lucky she leaves school at 4:30 which brings her home around 5-5:15. We hurry up and have dinner then she gets busy grading homework and projects for the next 2 hours. Our weekends involve her finishing grading and planning lessons. Sundays we take a break and go to church, then she spends the afternoon entering grades and going through school-related e-mails and correspondence.

As to the three months off in the summer, actually she gets two — she goes back earlier than the students. During the summer she continues her own education. She works just as many hours in a year as anyone else.

As far as the writer’s insults to the police department and the fire department, I can only hope he needs them someday and they remember his article and choose not to respond very quickly. I am very proud and extremely thankful for the superior job they do for the community of Canfield.

Ron Weaver, Canfield

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