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Masucci trades in truck for golf cart

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Neighbors | Sarah Foor .After 17 years of walking through the halls of North Elementary, principal Mike Masucci is heading to some new halls. On Mar. 1, he starts his new position as principal of Union Elementary.


By Feb. 13, Masucci’s usually busy office was nearly all packed away, as he prepared for his move to Union Elementary.

North principal makes move to Union


When Mike Masucci began his career at North Elementary 17 years ago, he was living the life of a bachelor.

“I came to North, single with no kids, driving a fancy red sports car to school each morning. Now, I’m very happy to have a pick-up truck littered with baseballs, hair bands, and chicken nuggets,” he said.

And although he’s gone through major changes in his personal life, one thing has remained the same — his attitude toward living and working in Poland.

“The feeling of comfort — that I’m so very fortunate to work and live in Poland, has never gone away.”

Masucci is now making a change in his professional life. On March 1, he reported for work at a different school building — Union Elementary. With the retirement of long-time principal Carmella Smallhoover, Masucci is making the move from North to Union.

“There will be no big, sudden changes at Union,” Masucci said of his plans as principal. “My motto going into this is to not rock the boat, but steer the ship. If and when we do need to make changes, they’ll be doable and the adjustments will be less stressful.”

After graduating from Boardman High School in 1989 and gaining his degree from YSU in primary education in 1993, Masucci taught first grade at North for eight years and became principal in 2002.

Masucci admits he will miss North’s greenhouse and recycling program, projects he spearheaded as principal. However, his long history in the building leaves him assured that the school will be successful without him.

“I know that this [North] is a building that will always go forward,” he reflected. “It’s the special kids, parents, grandparents, staff, and PTO volunteers that make North the unique place that it is. They’ll be in great shape.”

Masucci is looking forward to his post at Union. His two daughters attend the school and Masucci won’t have to drive that pick-up truck to work. He lives so close to the school that he plans to walk or ride a golf cart, weather permitting.

Masucci sees his move to Union as his last for a long time.

“I don’t see myself moving too many places after this, if anywhere,” he said.

“I always joke that unless an opportunity to work at Walt Disney World pops up, I’ll be here. Poland is it for me. I’m a very lucky guy.”