Elections have consequences

Elections have consequences

This letter is directed main- ly at lazy, uninformed or misinformed Ohio Democrats who failed to vote last November or crossed over to the “change” propaganda being sold by the Tea Party and GOP.

Are you convinced now that elections have consequences? What could you have been thinking if you voted for any of these GOP candidates, allowing the Republicans to take over the Statehouse?

First thing Kasich does is create a business tribunal which meets in private, devoid of legislative oversight, to cherry-pick the next industries for Ohio.

Now, his next objective is to break the public employee unions. Oh, this is just the beginning — his real objective is to make Ohio the next right-to-work state. Just watch the industries or companies chosen by the above mentioned tribunal. They will be nonunion type operations. He’s already bad mouthing GM and promoting “fractured” gas drilling as an economic savior for the state.

Let’s wake up and ensure Mr. Kasich continues his trend as a manager — first a failed managing director of Lehman Brothers, then a failed governor of Ohio.

Thomas E. Sedlock, Mineral Ridge

Reform in Ohio is long overdue

Oh, how I marvel at all of the Democrats bellyaching about the proposed budget cuts in state government and the impending reforms to Ohio’s collective bargaining laws. Both are long over due.

It wasn’t until 1983 that Democratic Gov. Dick Celeste enacted Ohio’s collective bargaining laws. So this has not been a constitutional right that should be allowed to persist for an eternity.

Years ago, most will concede, public employees were not paid all that much. But they made up for it with more lax work rules and increasingly better fringe benefits and often a job for life.

Well now we have gone full circle: public employees all over the nation are being paid more than their counterparts in the private sector. And their health care and pension benefits have become generous beyond belief as well as being just plain unaffordable.

Of course, we know why the Democrats are really squealing — they know that public employee unions represent the lion’s share of their campaign contributions. The unions provide millions of dollars in campaign contributions which are indirectly extracted from taxpayers to support Democrats who are then in a position to favorably “bargain,” again at taxpayer expense, with the very unions that helped elect them.

This is precisely why Chris Christie was elected governor of New Jersey, Scott Walker governor of Wisconsin, Mitch Daniels governor of Indiana and John Kasich governor of Ohio. They were elected to do what they are doing.

Larry Long Jr., East Liverpool