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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Today is Sunday, March 6, the 65th day of 2011. There are 300 days left in the year.


On this date in:

1836: The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, falls to Mexican forces after a 13-day siege.

1857: The United States Supreme Court rules in Dred Scott v. Sandford that Scott, a slave, is not an American citizen and could not sue for his freedom in federal court.

1933: A nationwide bank holiday declared by President Franklin D. Roosevelt goes into effect.

1944: U.S. heavy bombers stage the first full-scale American raid on Berlin during World War II.

1970: A bomb being built inside a Greenwich Village townhouse by the radical Weathermen accidentally goes off, killing three group members.

1981: Walter Cronkite signs off for the last time as anchorman of “The CBS Evening News.”


1986: City council approves an Ungaro administration proposal to advertise for development of 120 acres of land at the Youngstown Municipal Airport.

Warren Mayor Daniel Sferra and Trumbull County commissioners say the city and county have no intention of financially supporting the maintenance and upgrading of Lake Milton.

Youngstown City Council must advertise for bids for a director of the Federal Plaza or authorize the administration to create a new position on the city payroll, says Law Director Edwin Romero.

1971: Municipal Judge John J. Leskovyansky withholds ruling in a horse bookie case, saying he wants to find out why the police department and the prosecutor recommended probation for a gambler who Leskovyansky says doesn’t appear to be a “little operator.”

Novice G. Fawcett, president of the Ohio State University for 15 years, announces his resignation in a surprise move.

Dedication ceremonies will be held for the Arcadian Bells that have been installed at St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran church.

1961: Nine murals by artist Daniel Debonis of Farrell commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Civil War will be on display at the Sharon Store.

A 16-year-old Harrison Street girl, Diana Satterwhite Henderson, dies when she is struck by a car as she faints in Andrews Avenue during an argument after a minor traffic accident.

Chairman J.L. Mauthe and President A.S. Glossbrenner tell Sheet & Tube shareholders there has been a “fairly general, if modest, improvement in steel demand in the past few months. “

1936: Youngstown city workers crowd the third floor of City Hall waiting to receive their first pay since October. They receive a month’s pay, leaving them still four months behind.

George Mahaney of Sharpsville, president of the Shenango Valley Canal Association, calls on residents of the Valley to renew their campaign to obtain U.S. army engineers’ approval of the proposed Ohio River-Lake Erie canal via the Beaver and Mahoning rivers.