Ohio Senate leader calls for review of true scope of state budget deficit

Ohio Senate leader calls for review of true scope of state budget deficit

I applaud a recent VINDICATOR editorial for pointing out the highly questionable math used by Gov. John Kasich to justify his state budget.

The governor has spoken endlessly about an $8 billion structural deficit. The purported size of the budget shortfall is the justification he gives for imposing radical spending cuts on schools and local governments and for stripping public employees of their collective-bargaining rights.

However, evidence is growing that the “$8 billion deficit” is really an $8 billion myth. According to The Plain Dealer, the actual number is billions less.

The governor’s budget director told the Cincinnati Enquirer he doesn’t know what the right number is. But, isn’t it his job to know?

I agree with The Vindicator that we need an independent review to verify what many have been suspecting: Gov. Kasich could restore some of the cuts and still balance our budget. Yet, the governor has stubbornly refused to give towns, cities and schools a break that could save jobs and avoid higher local taxes.

The residents of Ohio should not be misinformed or misled about the current condition of our state finances. The time has come for a thorough and honest review.

Capri Cafaro, Hubbard

Cafaro, a Democrat, is the Ohio Senate minority leader.

Homosexuals who say they’re Christian are deceived by Satan

The RECENT article, “Seminarian speaks out for gay rights” shows how deceived many people are when they think God will accept homosexuality in a person who claims to know Jesus as their Savior.

Both the Old and New Testaments show that homosexuality is a deviation from God’s design and not an alternative lifestyle.

Now, we as Christians are not the judge of those outside the church, and we don’t believe in denying homosexuals any rights that are given to anyone else in society. We do, however, insist that those inside the real church, which is not the building or denomination, but those who have been converted to Christ and transformed by the Holy Spirit, turn away from this deviant lifestyle that dishonors God and brings reproach upon the Christian faith.

Christians believe that everyone is born a sinner and needs to be born again and that when one is born again, their old way of living is gone, and they now live to honor God and the Scriptures.

All of those who are homosexual and think that they are Christians are deceived by Satan and will be lost unless they repent, turn to Jesus and receive salvation and live a holy life.

The great Apostle Paul told the believers at Corinth that was what some of them were but they were transformed by the Holy Spirit and were new creations.

Homosexuality is death, and those who choose to follow this perversion will be judged by God and spend eternity separated from Him.

Now, we as Christians don’t hate homosexuals, drug dealers, murderers, rapists, adulterers, fornicators, drunkards, thieves, child molestors and other obvious sinners but urge them to repent and give their lives to Jesus for forgiveness.

We are no better than them and have confessed our many sins to God and received forgiveness and now live a new life in Him. They, too, can do this and no matter what, they have been born in Jesus; they can be born again.

Leo Feher, Youngstown

Jobless worker supports using tax dollars to stimulate economy

I strongly support the cutting of wasteful spending and the redirection of my tax dollars to create new jobs and stimulate this far-from-recovering economy.

I have been without steady employment for over two years. I have a college degree and 25 years of experience in my field. I have watched taxes go up with no stopping of that climb. I’ve lost my home, struggled through a divorce, cut my tithe at church, need charity instead of being able to donate to charity, have sold off family heirloom jewelry, and have made the trip to the welfare office to be turned away. This has got to stop.

We need change. We need it yesterday. I’m an average America, and I’ve paid into the system. I no longer can accept government waste. I can no longer accept worthless programs for the perpetual lazy people. I’m willing to work for my money. The whole point of government was for us to help ourselves. I’m willing. We all need to support the jobs agenda.

Lisa Milliron, Youngstown