Mahoning County Court filings



Marriage licenses

Ross L. Morrone, 26, of 6715 Appleridge Circle, Boardman, and Stephanie R. Pridon, 22, of same.

Joseph A. Ricciardi, 56, of 5587 Cider Mill Crossing, Austintown, and Linda L. Dogoda, 52, of same.

Dwayne Eley, 47, of 141 Lora Ave., Youngstown, and Sherry A. Hill, 52, of 2342 Goleta Ave., Youngstown.

Jonathan N. Wagner, 25, of 3943 Claridge Drive, Austintown, and Christina A. Delfosse, 29, of same.

Joseph D. Agnone, 20, of 1610 Thalia Ave., Youngstown, and Megan T. Lengyel, 19, of same.

Christopher J. Kissinger, 24, of 4150 Pembrooke Road, Apt. 223, Austintown, and Estela D. Quezada, 20, of same.

James R. Nell, 54, of 4339 S. Raccoon Road, Canfield, and Susan M. Brott, 53, of same.

Michael R. Kentris, 25, Fostoria, Ohio, and Alexis M. Gagliardi, 25, of 8188 Leffingwell Road, Canfield.

Kevin M. Connors, 30, of 305 S. Dehoff Drive, Austintown, and Ashley A. Commino, 27, of 242 S. Dehoff Drive, Austintown.

Michael T. O’Brien, 46, of 7125 Leffingwell Road, Canfield, and Sheryl L. Clawson, 46, of same.

Travis W. Clarkson, 23, of 12205 Goshen Road, Lot 85, Salem, and Danielle L. Huschka, 23, of same.


State v. Tangela Cox, pardon granted.

State v. Willie L. Glenn Jr., sentenced to six months in prison.

State v. William Habeger, probation extended for one year.

State v. Shawnta G. Lee, ordered to Heartland Behavioral Health Care.

State v. Richard Couturiaux, sentenced for probation violation.

State v. Joshua R. Kelly, to make restitution.

State v. Mark R. Scott, pleads guilty.

State v. Tracy E. Dobranchin, pleads guilty.

State v. Gina L. Rango, sentenced.

State v. Michael R. Stanley, sentenced.

State v. Carla A. Napoli, sentenced.

State v. Asa Bush, sentenced.

State v. Annette Tellington, pleads guilty.

State v. Michael R. Stanley, sentenced.

State v. Theodore R. Hassay, sentenced.

State v. Stephen Borbei, to undergo rehabilitation for one year through APA.

State v. Christopher J. Scalf, to complete residential treatment program at CCA.

State v. Matthew R. McCracken, sentenced.

State v. Leonard W. Pitts, sentenced.

State v. Jack Sallaz, pleads guilty.

State v. Asa Bush, sentenced.

State v. Braylon Rogers, pleads guilty.

Michael Ramun v. John Ramun et al, order of magistrate.

Douglas Dickson v. Julie Ginnis et al, dismissed.

WM Specialty Mortgage LLC v. Michael Powell et al, order of sale withdrawn.

First Place Bank v. First National Bank of Pennsylvania, order of magistrate.

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA v. Richard J. McEvoy et al, sheriff’s sale withdrawn.

Citimortgage Inc. v. Edward E. Glomski et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.

American Tax Funding LLC v. Al Salata et al, dismissed.

Joseph T. Humenick et al v. Norma Macasa et al, dismissed.

Maui Toys Inc. v. Michael H. Brown et al, order of magistrate.

Citimortgage Inc. v. Richard Platt et al, dismissed.

Citimortgage Inc. v. W. Daniel Fishel et al, decision of magistrate.

Ann M. Campolito v. James J. Cabrera Jr. et al, order of magistrate.

US Bank NA v. Melkan L. Thomas et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.

Oakmont Lakes LLC v. JAS Investments LLC, decision of magistrate.

Rhonda Gaia v. Jason Williams et al, judgment for plaintiff satisfied and released.

RBS Citizens NA v. Frank L. Fowler Jr. et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.

Charles J. Arendas v. Allstate Insurance co., dismissed.

One West Bank FSB v. Randy J. Kinsey et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.

Jeanann M. Hammond v. Phillip C. Larkin et al, settled.

JP Morgan Chase Bank v. Hubert D. Clardy Jr. et al, order of magistrate.

Home Savings and Loan of Youngstown v. Carmen Neapolitan et al, dismissed.

Jean Backman v. American Service Inc., settled.

Shawn R. Muldowney et al v. Robert J. Hamrock Jr. et al, foreclosure discharged.

Huntington National Bank v. Diana L. Endress et al, order of magistrate.

Joseph Rafidi et a v. Farid J. Rafidi et al, decision of magistrate.

Mahoning County Commissioners v. Mark A. Chambers et al, order of magistrate.

American Express Centurion Bank v. Rosa Wilcox, order of magistrate.

Mahoning County Commissioners v. Cheryl A. Hoffman et al, order of magistrate.

Citifinancial Inc. v. Raymond E. Fitch et al, order of magistrate.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Philip Jepsen et al, order of magistrate.

US Bank NA v. Heidi A. Koziol et al, foreclosure.

HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. v. Mark R. Suhy et al, dismissed.

Citibank South Dakota NA v. Matthew A. Stankich, dismissed.

Flagstar Bank FSB v. Thomas R. Marlowe et al, order of magistrate.

Shepherd of the Valley et al v. Mark Luke, dismissed.

Home Savings and Loan v. James T. George, default judgment for plaintiff.

Linda M. Stouffer v. Camelot Arms Care Center et al, settled.

Real estate

City of Canfield to Josue Morales et al, S. Palmyra Road, Canfield, $199,000.

Lawrence S. Blevins et al to Melva S. Huebert, Fox Den Trail, Canfield, $305,000.

Jack C. Arnett et al to Steven J. Wyllie et al, Austintown, $156,000.

James A. Patitucci et al to Cheryl L. Martin, Pinegrove Ave., Austintown, $95,000.

Waiakea Uker Farm Products LLC to Youngstown Neighborhood & Development Corp., Canfield Road, Youngstown, $45,000.

Wallace H. Stitle et al to Michael Thomas et al, Mapleridge Drive, Boardman, $85,000.

Charles L. Booth et al to Lori M. Edwards, S. Salem-Warren Road, North Jackson, $112,000.

Phyllis Sitnik to Gary C. Lalama, Cricket Drive, Youngstown, $83,000.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Stacey M. Myers, Spring Garden Drive, Boardman, $66,000.

Fannie Mae et al to JSB Property Mgt. LLC, Tippecanoe Place, Canfield, $2,900.

Valorie R. Landis to Abstract Solutions LLC, Midland Ave., Youngstown, $17,500.

Fredrick D. Eaton Jr. et al to Stephen S. Morris, Elm Trace, Austintown, $97,000.

Shelley A. Holford to Elaine R. Hoover, William St., Struthers, $56,500.

Dr. Paul Wai-Naam Ho et al to Timothy S. Mulligan et al, S. Raccoon Road, Canfield, $210,000.

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