Boardman Township’s addiction

Boardman Township’s addiction

Aug. 2, Boardman Township will once again ask the taxpayers to dig even deeper into pockets that are tapped out — based upon the myth that crime is rampant (which was debunked by a recent Vindicator article).

Just as you wouldn’t provide more drugs to the drug addict, the voters shouldn’t give more tax money to the people who have been poor stewards of the tax dollars provided over the years. The wasteful spending is well documented. Contracts that the state audit succinctly says paid the township employees 20 percent more than peer communities. $200,000 to get CALEA certification. At least $50,000 for a police substation that is now closed. Another $50,000 for this special election when they could have waited just 3 months for November’s regular election. The list goes on and on.

Even as the township cries poor, recent actions show their total disdain for those footing the bills. The new fire chief in his two-year contract received six weeks of paid vacation per year and was permitted to carry over his sick time from his old position in Howland. Perks that nobody working outside the public sector gets.

Two years ago the taxpayers said yes to a 2 mill-levy that was supposed to add 10 new cops. They added none. Do you really believe the promises this time are any different? As a famous proverb once said, “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.” Vote no on Aug. 2.

Bill Johnson, Boardman

First, stop the government waste

It’s been said over and over that cuts should be made to Social Security and Medicare to seniors because of he national debt. We worked for these benefits; that’s our money.

The politicians in Washington and elsewhere in this country never mention anything about cuts in their wages or health care, which comes from our tax dollars. Their travels are charged to the government. Where does that money come from? Our tax dollars. Put a stop to the waste, and debt will be paid off in a month.

They even dare to talk about stopping the pay checks of the veterans, who are sacrificing their lives for us every day.

Don’t increase taxes on the rich, they say. The rich contributed to their campaigns; they can’t do that. Do they think we’re stupid?

Barbara Eggleston, Poland