Start class-action suit against US

Start class-action suit against US

I’m so furious with our feder- al government that I could chew nails. How dare they constantly want to cut Social Security and Medicare like they are things the federal government provides as an entitlement. They’re programs that people, as well as their employers, paid into — they are not a gift.

Here are people that have premiere retirement, excellent pay automatically increased every year, top-notch health care, plus perks and side deals they make telling you, the common person, that you have to sacrifice to help the country by giving up your retirement help.

What should happen is a class-action lawsuit brought by the citizens against the federal government for stealing the money that was in the Social Security fund. Don’t believe the lies that they perpetrate saying there was no such fund. There was and when the greedy hogs saw there was money that wasn’t spent, they got their grubby hands on it and spent for some of their pet programs, such as studying the mating habits of gnats. What should be studied are the actions of the nitwits running our country.

What is wrong with the citizenry of this great country? Are we all so interested in all of the TV trash and who is sleeping with whom and what the sports heroes are doing that we can’t or won’t keep the people that run our lives in line?

Joseph Hilko, Hermitage

No evil deed goes unpunished

J is the first letter of the al- phabet, as I see it. It’s used to spell Justice.

U is for united.

S is for safety.

T is for time, precious and priceless.

I is for important information.

C is for children to be cared for and cherished.

E is for eternity, which everyone will someday reach.

Heaven gained an angel when precious little Caylee Marie Anthony was welcomed by God into his eternal home.

May Caylee rest in peace. Even though an evil hand ended her young life, no evil deed will go unpunished.

Mary Lou Jurina, Youngstown